Welcome Spring with Gathre Mats

Welcome Spring with Gathre Mats

Spring time is beautiful and unpredictable, which means you can spend one sunny day in the kiddie pool and the next frantically searching for indoor crafts while you wait out a random snowstorm. The thing about kid crafts is that they kill time and can be fun--except for the mess that comes with it!

Gathre Mini Mat - Shale

Thankfully, life can be simplified when you invest in a Gathre Mat, which is wipeable, foldable, and waterproof. These nifty little mats come in four different sizes and various shapes, and will help you keep things clean and protected. Protection doesn't have to be blah, which is why each of these mats are also chic and lovely--including the new spring colors!

Mats For All Occasions

You might see these mats and initially think they are superfluous, but you're using products in their place already. Gathre Mats just simplify your life to one reliable and stylish product that can be pulled out at any time. They come in the following sizes:
  • Micro (15" x 20")
  • Mini (40" x 40")
  • Midi (55" x 55")
  • Maxi (81" x 81")

Gathre Micro Mat - Mist

Here are some ways you can use each Gathre Mat size this spring:

  • Changing pad or place mat (Micro, Mini)
  • Drop cloths under your kitchen table (Midi and Maxi)
  • High chair drop cloths (Mini and Midi)
  • Activity mats (Mini, Midi, and Maxi)
  • Picnic blanket (Midi, Maxi)
  • Day at the beach blanket (Midi, Maxi)

Gathre Midi Mat - Mist

As you can see, no matter the size of the activity, or the size of your family, you can find a Gathre Mat that fits your needs. Each size helps you customize your coverage while also not having too much or too little material. Get all four sizes, and you've got nothing standing between you and unlimited flexibility for easy clean-up.

Gathre Midi Mat - Shale

Colorful Experiences

Over the years, most parents realize that experiences are far more valuable to their children than possessions. If you read through the above list of ways to use a Gathre Mat, you're probably starting to get that these mats promote family time and fun activities together. With that in mind, here are the fun colors you can choose from to highlight each special family moment:
  • Mist (new!)
  • Shale (new!)
  • Navy
  • Raven
  • Atlas
  • Mint
  • Cinder

With these color options, you can mix and match with your decór or whatever you want. We particularly like the latest color options of mist and shale for bright and breezy spring activities.

Gathre Mini Mat - Mist

Gathre Micro Mat - Shale

So the next time you have an unexpected rainy day indoors, or you want to keep the floors clean while your toddler eats, pull out a Gathre Mat. Suddenly, things won't be so dreary, because hey, it's spring!

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