Welcoming the NEW Owlet Cam Video Monitor!

Welcoming the NEW Owlet Cam Video Monitor!

Remember when Owlet came out with their Smart Sock a few years ago and completely rattled the parenting world?! A device that checks on your baby while you sleep? Bless you Owlet, bless you! Well, guess what folks...they have done it again. Keep reading because you are going to love everything about this Owlet Cam!

Owlet Cam and Smart Sock - Baby Cubby

Owlet Cam and Smart Sock

Like most things worth your time and money, what's hiding inside is even better than just what you see on the outside! So what kind of features are hiding inside this sleek-looking camera? Let's start with the fact that you can hear and see your baby anywhere you have your phone with you! The camera turns your phone into a smart monitor by pairing through an encrypted wifi connection. Need to use your phone for anything other than staring at your sleeping babe, but don't want to miss something? Simply enable "background audio" and you will hear everything in your baby's room while using other apps!  What else does Owlet Cam have to offer?

Owlet Cam and Smart Sock - Baby Cubby
Owlet Cam and Smart Sock
  • The camera streams HD 1080p video and sound with integrated night vision
  • 130-degree wide angle lens, you will truly see everything you need to see in baby's room
  • Two-way audio allows you to soothe or talk to your little one without even entering the room
  • Room temperature sensor allows you to ensure everything is perfect for your little loves

Of course, the Owlet Cam wouldn't be complete if it didn't integrate with the Owlet Smart Sock. It's the best package deal a worrying parent could ask for! See your baby, hear your baby, and know exactly what his/her heart rate and oxygen levels are. I'm sold!

Owlet Cam - Baby Cubby
Owlet Cam

The camera is available for pre-order NOW and will start shipping by the end of December. It can be purchased on its own or as a bundled pack with the Smart Sock. Add it to the Christmas list mamas! I used the Smart Sock with my first child almost three years ago, and have happily been using it again with my now 3-month-old baby. I love, Love, LOVE it, so you know I will have this camera as soon as I can to complete my Owlet love! Let's hear it for Owlet because I have never, and will never, rest more assured than when I am using their products!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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