What Does Baby Need?

What Does Baby Need?

Yay, you're expecting your first bundle of joy! Now what?

It's such a fun experience to shop for your little one that is on the way! However, many parents find the endless options of baby gear, clothing, nursery decor, and more so overwhelming. It's understandable! How do you sift through the fluff to determine what you will really need for your new baby from the get-go and what you can purchase down the road?

Need: Car Seat

This is the number one gear item your baby will absolutely need! There's a wide variety on the market. You may choose to go with an infant carrier, like the Nuna Pipa Lite LX, but that's not the only option! Most people opt for an infant carrier for convenience purposes, but you can purchase a convertible car seat for your newborn. With the use of infant inserts, convertible car seats are generally approved for use from birth. Just make sure you check minimum weight requirements for your particular car seat. Choosing a convertible car seat from the start will likely save you money in the long run since most infants outgrow their infant carrier by their first birthday. Consider your lifestyle to determine what type of car seat is best for you.

Need: A Safe Place to Sleep

Bringing home your new babe is so exciting! Have you considered where they are going to sleep? Most people purchase a crib, however, that's not the only option. In fact, you may not need one for the first few months or at all. If baby is going to be sharing a room with you for the first few months of life, you could consider playard with a bassinet feature, such as the Baby Jogger City Suite Multi-Level Playard. What's great about this is if you plan to travel with your baby, and you take your playard along, it's an environment that your little one is used to. Also, a playard can grow with your child. All you have to do it remove the bassinet topper once they've outgrown it. Or maybe you could look into a mini crib which is a great space-saving option! Many mini cribs are even collapsible for easy storage. If you can't decide on a crib for your nursery, don't stress it. You can purchase one in a few months when you transition babe to his/her own room.

It Can Wait: A Stroller

Now, hear me out. Truthfully, a stroller isn't something you 100% need right from the beginning. There's a good chance you'll want to just stay home with baby during their first few weeks. Especially if you have a winter babe! You need to determine how often you're really going to be venturing out with baby and if a stroller is going to be beneficial from the start. There's other ways to transport them! You could just consider a wrap or carrier, such as an Ergobaby Omni 360 or a soft-structured wrap like Happy Baby. The Doona is a car seat and stroller in one, which totally eliminates the need for a stroller! The exception is if you have more than one kiddo to tote around. Once my second came along, I wanted to invest in the City Select Lux to contain them and make it easier on myself once we were ready to go out and about. But truthfully, depending on your lifestyle, you may not need to spring for a stroller right away.

It Can Wait: Clothing

Of course your new bundle of joy is going to need clothing and I know it's extremely hard to resist the teeny tiny newborn clothes! But start with just a few basics. (Sadly) your baby will outgrow those teeny tiny clothes quickly. With my first, I had clothes that she never even got the chance to wear! Gather a few outfits that are seasonally appropriate and try to wait to shop for larger sizes until you need them.

Of course necessities like diapers and formula are needed for your little one, but there are certainly big purchases that can wait. What would you add to this list?


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