What Should You Wear for Family Pictures?

What Should You Wear for Family Pictures?

When you’re trying to create a perfect family portrait, it is important that you choose the right clothing. It can be extremely stressful figuring out what you should wear, let alone coordinating the rest of your family's wardrobe. These photos are going to hang on your walls and be cherished for years to come. Here are some helpful tips that should have you and your family looking great in your pictures!

What should you wear?

  • Today’s trend is to coordinate, not match. Don't dress everyone in the same outfit, or slightly different versions of it. The simple fact is, every outfit doesn’t look good on every person. Coordinating rather than matching allows your family members to show off their unique personalities and to wear something that suits them individually.
  • Pick a few colors, then choose clothes that will fit in that color scheme.
  • Pick patterns like plaids, stripes, and florals. You can even mix-and-match them. Don’t be afraid to layer them with solid colors and jeans.
  • You should choose a cut that works best on each family member’s body type.
  • Wear vertical lines rather than horizontal. Horizontal stripes can make you look wider when photographed. Vertical lines can make you look more slender.
  • It may seem odd, but consider your home décor. Pick colors that coordinate with your decorations so when the family picture hangs on your walls, it will look like it belongs there.

What should you not wear?

  • Unfitted T-shirts - While they may look good when you wear them, baggy shirts can distort your proportions far too much in photographs.
  • Hats - Though you’ll see people wearing fashionable hats on Pinterest and Instagram, that fashionable hat can actually leave a shadow over your eyes and a red ring around your forehead.
  • Busy Patterns - While patterns are great for pictures, not everyone in the photo should wear patterns, as they may be too visually busy and distracting.
  • Logos and Graphics - Steer clear of branded clothing. It can look great in everyday casual wear, but it tends to steal the focus in pictures.

How should you dress your kids?

  • Avoid dressing your little ones in short dresses, as they have a tendency to ride up. Pick an outfit that is playtime appropriate.
  • Use spandex shorts if you are putting your child in a dress, just in case.
  • Try to hide diapers. Bloomer are a great way to do this!
  • Before the big photo session, have every family member try on his/her outfit as a test-run. Make sure your kids' clothing covers up their mid-section, diaper, or underpants. Then if something isn't working, you’ll have time to choose a different outfit.

Picking outfits for the seasons 

  • Spring is colorful and vibrant! Pick colors that emphasize the blossoms, but make sure to avoid too many greens. You do not want to blend in with your surroundings. 
  • Summer is sunny and warm, and blues are a great choice for this time of year--sundresses and shorts galore! Embrace the sunny weather!
  • Fall has warm, earthy colors and cooler weather, so choose clothes with long sleeves and warm color schemes. Take advantage of the chance to pair cute accessories like scarves or vests with your outfits.
  • Winter has that magical feeling. It’s a great idea to wear cool color tones that are pale, light, and airy to compliment brisk or snowy landscapes.

Good luck! Don’t stress too much over what to wear--try to have fun with it! Click on over to BabyCubby.com to find those perfect outfits for you and your kids.



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