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What To Do When Your Baby's Binky Won't Stay In His Mouth

What To Do When Your Baby's Binky Won't Stay In His Mouth

Binkies can be tricky and quite fickle. Finding the right binky to fit your infant's mouth (and his preference) is a struggle within itself. Infants have difficulties keeping their binky in their mouths because of a few different reasons involving sucking strength and pacifier design. The Baby Cubby offers multiple pacifiers that feature different designs that will satisfy any baby! If you notice your baby struggling with any of the following binky-related difficulties, you may need to try a different binky.

Sometimes us parents are desperate, tired and willing to try anything to keep our bundles of joy asleep and content, which is why many parents will try unconventional methods to keep that stubborn binky in their baby's mouth. Here are some things that you should never do to keep that pacifier in place due to breathing hazards:
  1. Adjusting the swaddle higher to cover the pacifier
  2. Placing an object against the pacifier to hold it in the baby's mouth
  3. Using a Wubbanub and then tucking it into the baby's clothing to keep it from falling out
If you have tried any of these methods, don't fret, we're here to help! While it is never safe to prohibit a baby from spitting out their pacifier, there are ways to help your baby be happier with his pacifier so he'll be less likely to spit it out.

Binky Design

Not all baby's mouths are made the same. Some babies have teeny tiny mouths, and some have extra large! Some babies also have lip ties and tongue ties, making their suckling experience much different than those without ties. It is helpful to try different binkies to find one that fits your baby best. Here are a few different styles of popular pacifiers that parents love!

The Natursutten Ortodontic Butterfly Pacifier is made out of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree and is completely biodegradable. The unique butterfly design allows baby extra room to breathe, while the nipple fits comfortably into your baby's mouth allowing your baby to suck without too much effort. The flexible rubber moves with ease during use making it a no-fuss pacifier.

 Natursutten Orthodontic Rounded Pacifier

Just like the Orthodontic Butterfly Pacifier, the Natursutten Rounded Pacifier is made out of the same great rubber, but features a rounded nipple and full-lip space on the circumference of the pacifier.



Reviewers love these Avent Soothie pacifiers! The long nipple is a favorite with babies, and the hospital-grade silicone is durable, yet still flexible enough, for soothing sucking. The Avent Soothie pacifiers are offered in different color combos and are also offered in vanilla scent!

To find out more about pacifiers and find that perfect fit for your baby, head over to the Baby Cubby! We also offer pacifier accessories like clips and Wubbanubs. Remember to try out a few different styles of binkies on your baby to find one your baby loves. And never place anything near your baby's face that could cause a breathing obstruction. If you have any questions, check out our live chat to talk with one of our knowledgable Cubby Moms.

Written by Lindsay Helm
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