Your Little's Easter Basket Essentials

Your Little's Easter Basket Essentials

Easter Sunday will be here before we know it and chances are the Easter Bunny at your house has not yet planned what’s going in your child’s Easter Basket. I’ve put together a list of items that are sure to make your kiddos jump for joy when they see what has been brought to them! Below are three suggestions of basket combinations, separated by price and size, with a few of our hottest items here at The Baby Cubby :)

The Money Saver

This is the basket I would’ve bought last Easter after just buying a new home and wanting to save a little bit of money while things were tight. Don't worry though, your kids will still think they've gone to Easter heaven with what I've got in store for them! These little guys are smooth, easy to hold, and come in 3 very cute dinosaur shapes. Think of all of the fun your kids will have racing these around the house!

    These cups are genius! Each one comes with a kid friendly drinking cup and an adhesive hook that sticks to most any surface that a cup can hang on (most commonly found on the refrigerator). It’s a sure way to keep dirty cups from getting lost all over the house. These come in four fun colors: Azul, Citron, Lilac, and Tangerine.

      Lets start with these adorable headbands. There are 6 lovable styles to choose from with several color choices. Plus, because they are nylon your baby will be comfy all day long! Now on to the bow ties. I truly can’t get over how cute these are. They are stretchy and adjustable, detailed and sophisticated. Four solid colors include peachy pink and mint denim for a bit of springy color pop, as well as dark grey and ivory chambray for more of a neutral look. I am unable to pick a favorite!
        • A classic children’s book like The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
        • In my opinion, it’s not an Easter Basket without a little treat! To top off Basket A, throw in a piece of candy or two.

        The Mom Haul

         This is what I plan on purchasing for my little guy’s basket this Easter. Inside it will be:

        Tegu Blocks are magnetic wooden blocks that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This particular set includes an on-the-go pouch to store the blocks making it the perfect toy while out of the house. This set is available in 4 colors: blues, jungle, nelson, and tints. Normally I’d go for the blues, but for the Easter Basket, I’ll be getting the tints set because of the bright spring colors. Oddly, my little guy’s favorite time to drink water is in the bathtub, which is where I plan on hanging our PhillUp cup. This way he has a drinking cup instead of sticking his face in the water and we also have a perfect cup for rinsing soap and shampoo.
          These brightly colored racecars come in three choices: a bunny, a chicken, and a duck. The perfect Easter themed racers! For the little boy who was more interested in the duck inside the elephant cage than the actual elephants at the zoo last week, I will be getting the duck racer.

            • Sweet N Swag Bow Tie (or Baby Bling Headband for a girl) I’m serious when I say I can’t get over how cute these products are!


            • When I was growing up I occasionally got movies in my Easter Basket, so to carry on this tradition I’ll be putting Disney’s The Good Dinosaur in my boy’s basket.
            • Like I said before, an Easter Basket is not complete without a little bit of candy!

            The Grandma Basket

            This is more at the top end of the budget - which is why I named it The Grandma Basket *cough cough* Inside is:

            More shapes, more sizes, and more blocks in this Tegu set! Endless amounts of imagination will come from these not-so-ordinary blocks.

              This wooden xylophone not only has a unique look, but a unique sound as well. Soft, rounded edges make this baby-friendly and kids of all ages will love creating their own music.

                • Puj PhillUp Kids Cup and Grippy Hook (2 Pack) 
                • Easter Sunday calls for Sunday Best so once again I’m including the Baby Bling Headband and to mix it up a little, a Sweet N Swag Suspenders and Bow Tie Set Add some light brown suspenders to go with the peachy pink, mint denim, or dark grey bow tie to complete your young gentleman’s stylish look!


                • A spring/Easter coloring book, some crayons, and of course candy and Basket C is complete!

                I hope I was able to inspire some ideas by sharing these basket combinations and get your Easter Minds rolling!

                Phew! that was a great compilation! Hopefully that gives you some fabulous Easter Basket ideas! I know that my kids are going to LOVE all of their fun, new toys - and I know yours will, too!

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