What Your Newborn Will Really Wear

What Your Newborn Will Really Wear

It's a typical day, and you find yourself walking through a superstore. The kids' section goes by without much thought, but then you happen upon the baby section. Your uterus starts to glow. Suddenly, every tiny minute piece of clothing is sooooo cute and you MUST have it for your own little bundle of joy (or your sister, best friend, or other close person in your life having a baby). We've all been there.

Will My Baby Actually Wear This?

Baby clothes are always cute, simply because of their small size. But let's be honest--not all baby clothes are created equal, and you can definitely drop a ton of dough on baby clothes that the baby they're intended for probably won't ever wear. This may be due to uncomfortable fabrics, awkward designs, or simply because the clothes from the nearest big box store shrink in the wash and aren't quality products.

Be Mindful of Where You Buy

So how do you simplify your baby's wardrobe and solve these problems? Start by purchasing quality organic products that are made with love, and made to last. By supporting environmentally and socially responsible companies, you can do your part as a human being while also offering your baby the very best in fashion.

The Baby Cubby currently carries countless lines of stunning children and infant clothing from this exact type of self-made company, including Goumi Kids and L'ovedbaby. This is because we like to support companies that started with parents just trying to make the world a better place for their kids. More often than not, these companies and their products reflect those precious ideals.

Comfy and Cute Baby Clothes

Those baby jeans are certainly cute, but also scratchy and not very crawl-friendly. Shirts aren't really something that meshes well with the infant lifestyle, either, considering they're more flimsy and don't cover up those little bellies and backs. In the end, it's really about soft onesies, sleepers, and other one-piece or simplified clothing types. And you can almost forget about infant shoes (newsflash: infants don't walk, ergo they don't need shoes) since they fall off 99.9% of the time anyway.

In reality, here are some types of clothes your baby will wear day in and day out, especially in unpredictable weather:

Sleep Sacks and Sleepers for the win. They're cozy, warm, and provide a lovely space for your baby to spread out in, whether slumbering or awake.  

Goumikids GoumiJAMMS

Goumikids GoumiJAMMS - Drops (Pink)  

L'ovedbaby Organic Cotton Gown

L'ovedbaby Organic Cotton Gown - Cactus (New Color!)

Next, we have onesies and coveralls, sometimes called overalls. They are similar in design to sleep sacks and nightgown-type clothes, except they're more like a onesie pajama or old-fashioned long underwear. Perfect for cool nights or as a base layer in unpredictable spring weather.

Goumikids GoumiALLS

 Goumikids GoumiALLS - Waddle (Mint)  

L'ovedbaby Organic Cotton Overall

L'ovedbaby Organic Cotton Overall - Succulents (New Color!)

With quality organic fabrics and adorable prints and colors, there's nothing stopping you from reusing these favorites again and again. After all, baby looks cute in anything, but especially in clothes that make them feel safe and comfortable. Run now and check out all the best of Goumi Kids and L'ovedbaby!

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It really touched my heart! I would love to have all of these dresses for my kids especially the pink one looking awesome.
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