What's In Your Basket?

What's In Your Basket?

The snow is melting. The kids are outside jumping on the trampoline, pulling out the old sidewalk chalk, and shooting hoops. Tiny buds are popping out of the ground, and neighbors are finally taking down their Christmas lights. That's right, spring is in the air! And Easter is right around the corner! Bring on the Starburst jellybeans and Reese's Eggs! 

All candy and food aside, (although, isn't that what makes most holidays so great?!) let's move on to some more serious topics of conversation: Easter Baskets

I say serious topic because, well, once my husband and I started having kids, the controversy of an Easter basket became very real. One party strongly felt that Easter was nearly a second Christmas, and hiding and finding baskets were a big part in their childhood, and said baskets would be overflowing with all gifts and surprises any child big or small would love. But the other party, quite frankly, didn't feel it was at all necessary to take things so far. 

Now five kids later, and nearly 15 Easters celebrated together, we've obviously done a little compromising on both ends. Easter is still very much about the food, and we can't fail to mention the religious aspect of the holiday, but as far as celebrating with our kids, we found a system that works: my husband is in charge of the baskets. But you'd better believe I'm definitely going to put a bug in his ear about what to fill them up with, especially after catching wind of some of Baby Cubby's newest arrivals!

Fin and Vince is the perfect place to start. With their new spring and summer line of children's clothes just launching, you're certain to find all you could ever dream of for your little ones! With such classic vintage styles, these clothes are the stuff your child-dressing dreams are made of!

Fin and Vince Delilah Dress- Buttercream
Confetti Suspender Knit Pant








Now let's be honest, the clothes are more of a treat for us moms, not so much a crowd-thriller for the kids, but some things that I personally love for any occasion are books

These cute Indestructible books by Workman Publishing are so absolutely adorable! They're perfect for your new little readers, with the most engaging pictures and colors. And did I mention they are also washable? No sticky tootsie roll mess over here! 

Indestructibles, Baby Lets Eat book
Lastly, would it even be Easter without adding at least one, maybe two, new plushies to your collection?? Cuddle and Kind has the absolute sweetest selection of stuffed animals that truly make me want to add one to my own bed! 
Cuddle and Kind Avery the LambCuddle and Kind Elliott the Fawn
And as we all know, you can never go wrong taking a browse through Jellycat. They somehow know just the way to get themselves into the arms of every young child and mom alike! 
Bashful Llama Jellycat

No matter which side of the Easter basket dilemma you stand on, The Baby Cubby is here to support you! 

Happy Easter! 

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