What's New About the Owlet Smart Sock 2

What's New About the Owlet Smart Sock 2

If you are a parent, you've probably heard about the Owlet vitals monitor. What started out as a an idea from a couple of BYU students quickly became a successful company that cares about helping save infant lives.

Made to Save Lives

Although not every parent shares the same worry about their child's safety at night, many parents experience anxiety over their little ones as they sleep. Instead of staying up listening to your baby's breathing, you can actually sleep soundly with the help of the Owlet Smart Sock 2. SIDS and other breathing issues are still a concern today, but for parents with the Owlet, peace of mind comes by knowing exactly what's going on with baby's oxygen levels and heart rate. 

New and Improved

October of 2015 is when the original Owlet vitals monitor began shipping to the general public, but in the short amount of time since then, Owlet has improved their product to become even more reliable and informative to parents. Here are some slight differences between the original Owlet and its new and improved

Owlet Smart Sock 2

  • Universal sock design (works on either foot)
  • Breathable sock with open-toe
  • Sure Fit technology to ensure sensor remains correctly placed
  • Increased Base Station sensory ability
  • New antenna in the sensor and base
  • Increased bluetooth range (up to 10x)
  • Improved base hardware

 With all of the above improvements, there's never been a better time to invest in the Owlet. Parents and caregivers can sleep more soundly knowing that they'll be alerted to any unnatural heart rates or oxygen levels via the Base or Owlet App on their mobile device.

A Product with a Purpose

This video was released a couple months ago by Owlet to articulate all the improvements and changes that have been put into the Owlet Smart Sock 3. In the end, the development team at Owlet worked to add changes requested by parents, as well as things that they wished to incorporate into the original design.

 One thing is certain—the creators of the Owlet care deeply about creating a product that accomplishes what it claims to—that is, notifying parents when their baby's heart rate or oxygen levels are out of normal range. There is no catch-all device that takes care of everything for you, but the Owlet certainly helps parents stay informed of Baby's condition throughout the night, which has come in handy for more than one parent on several occasions.

Read reviews to learn more about what people think about the latest Owlet design. Peace of mind isn't out of reach with the help of Owlet Smart Sock 3.

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