What's so Great About the DockATot Deluxe?

What's so Great About the DockATot Deluxe?

The DockATot seems to be on more and more moms "must-have" lists these days. I'm sure you have heard the basics about it and seen multiple pictures of babies all bundled up and sleeping soundly in it, but do you know all the ins and outs? For me to buy something, I absolutely have to know as much as I can about it, and I am willing to bet that many, many other mamas are the same way. So let's have a little DockATot-ucation, shall we?!

DockATot Deluxe - Baby Cubby
DockATot Deluxe

What Is It For

Well...this fancy little thing is a multi-functional baby "dock" designed with co-sleeping in mind but is perfect for laying, playing, naptime and bedtime wherever you need it to be! It was created with some serious science behind it, in Sweden. The founders wanted it to be completely safe and completely comfortable for babies to be in. The best part? They got it right!

The Science

Once you become a parent or an expectant parent, it seems you are painfully aware of ALL the things that can happen to your baby. I was especially concerned about SIDS and made sure to study and follow all guidelines to prevent it. The people of DockATot knew that the baby world needed something that could help parents have a little more peace of mind when it comes to the SIDS worries.

The materials the DockATot is made with were engineered to allow 12 liters of air through them per minute–this is the rate at which your baby breathes. This is so important for two major reasons; having fresh air is extremely important in SIDS prevention and the permeability of the materials ensures that even if your baby were to turn over and have their face up against the side, they would still be getting the oxygen they need! Now that is definitely something a parent can buy into right?!

Of course, all of these materials have undergone and passed the mandatory testing as well as a handful of voluntary above and beyond standards as well!

DockATot Philosophy

Okay, so now you know this is a multi-use and extremely safe baby dock, but what else is it that has moms going crazy over these things? Well, they supposedly make your babes sleep like little angels! DockATot claims that the dock is the reinvention of the womb which creates the perfect environment of comfort and soothing, and by the heaps and heaps of reviews and praises, it is pretty clear the claims have merit.
DockATot Deluxe in Carrara Marble - Baby Cubby
DockATot Deluxe in Carrara Marble

A Few Cherries On Top

One of the very best things about the DockATot is the portability. If your baby is sleeping soundly at home, you don't want to go disrupting their sleep because you are headed on vacation right? NO WAY!! Good thing you can easily cart this wonderful thing with you just as easy as a regular pillow. It comes with a carrying bag that makes transporting it super easy while keeping your dock nice and clean in the process. So what happens if it does happen to get dirty? (More like WHEN it does get dirty--there are kids involved with these things!) You just zip the cover off and toss it in the washing machine! It really can't get easier than that.


If there is one thing I have learned as a mom, it is the sanctity of good sleep. When a product comes out, and it has parents all over the place raving about the sleep that their kids get in it, you do not take it lightly! Tip top safety paired with the oh-so-successful snug and womb-like design really seem to be the golden ticket that keeps these things flying off the shelves! Still wanting to give them a good inspection before you are completely sold on one? No problem! We have videos here on our Youtube channel and, of course, we LOVE seeing you in store! We truly love helping parents with all the questions, because we know that the comfort and safety of your baby is not something to be taken lightly!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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