When Will My Baby Start Getting Teeth?

When Will My Baby Start Getting Teeth?

Ahh teething. One of the necessary evils of growing up. Even though you might not remember how you felt when you were teething, after a few nights of a very sad teething baby in your house, you will have a pretty good idea. But when does this whole teething process start?

That is today's million dollar question friends! You might think you know after you have one kid, but it turns out that most kids like to be individual and do things on their own time even if it isn't a voluntary thing. Penny (my first) got her first tooth just about a week shy of turning four months old, and got her second the following week. That process continued every 2-3 months until she had them all at the age of two. She would cut one, and the matching/opposite tooth would come the next week.

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So, when our baby June started sleeping terribly about two weeks before she hit four months old, we knew it was teething. Nope! Not teething! She is eight months old now and doesn't have a single tooth. By this age, Penny had four or five of them. Isn't it crazy how different children can be even when they come from the same DNA?!

Naturally I have been looking up this topic a ton because hi, I just want to make sure my kid is going to get teeth! The answer to this question is quite the 'sliding scale' if you will. This graphic is the most informative piece of information I have found on this subject.

Stages of Teething and Shedding c/o Kids Dental Online
c/o Kids Dental Online

Basically, there is a very large window of time that the teething process starts and continues on so you likely don't need to be concerned if your baby isn't getting teeth at the same time that their cousins and friends are! Of course, this is something you can continuously bring up at their well check appointments with their doctor if you are concerned!

When the teething actually does start, it can be a miserable business for so many babes, and a completely emotion-free event for others. While my Penny was waking up crying and needing to be held through the night while she teethed, my uncle's baby was randomly waking up with teeth without showing a single symptom. You just never know which side of the spectrum your babe will be on.

Our favorite remedies were frozen peas and yogurt tubes, tylenol or ibuprofen, and lots of snuggles with mom and dad! Who knows when June will actually start popping them through, but she has been chewing on her hand and drooling an impressive amount the last few weeks, so maybe it will be happening soon? If you are on the teething train or will be in the future, be sure to check out all of the adorable teethers in the store or on the website

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