Enough is enough!

Every mama is done getting on your hands and knees, looking under the couch for the fourth time, and searching for that see-through, rubbery little devil that ALWAYS seems to disappear at the worst moment. You know the one I mean, right? Your babe's favorite pacifier. It has mysteriously gone missing when they are in full-on meltdown mode, and you're frantically looking for that soothing little sucker.

For all those little ones who rely on their pacifier, there is good news. Something has been created that your babe can hold on to and successfully maneuver into their wide open, gummy mouths. Plus, you will have an easier time finding it for heaven's sake. Wubbanub to the rescue, mama! Fellow mama and Wubbanub founder had the ingenious idea to combine her little boy's favorite pacifier with his comfiest stuffed friend to create the ultimate child comfort tool.

Not only are these cuties insanely adorable (Reduntant? Maybe.), and there are so many animals to choose from, but they meet all the safety requirements for both design and pacifier manufacturing. Made with Soothie pacifiers, you don't have to worry about BPA, lead, or phthalates with these soothers. Your child will be able to use their chubby little fingers, and complete lack of fine motor skills to pick up their furry friend and pop that pacifier in. On the off chance that your little one ever puts it down, the animal makes it so much easier for you to find when it rolls under the couch, drops in the laundry hamper, falls behind the toilet or gets stuck in the tupperware cupboard.

If you need more encouragement to head out and purchase all the Wubbanubs your diaper bag can hold, here are a couple of our favorites to nudge you in the right direction!

Brown Puppy

Got yourself a brown-haired babe with sweet eyes and a loyal streak? Get the puppy!


Baby Giraffe

If your little one is hitting the 99th percentile for height (and you're busy letting everyone know), then this long-legged softy is the one for you!



Find yourself heaving every time you pick up your chunky little baby? Then get her an ironically adorably chubby friend to hold on to!


Tiny Fox

This sly guy is perfect for those babies with a sneaky smile and a naughty little habit of removing things from the trash can.



Good luck choosing one of these amazing animal friends! Thank heavens for never losing that pacifier again!

Featured Image Photo Credit: @aaryn_williams


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