Chronicle Books "Letters to My..." Parent Journal Series

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Write now. Read later. Treasure forever. These letters are lightly prompted and can be postmarked, sealed, and saved for a much later day. Chronicle Books have published many storybooks and have made quite a good name for themselves. These books in particular contain 12 pages of fold-and-mail letters with envelopes to compile a beautifully recorded book! Savor your hopes, dreams, frustrations, and triumphs in these letters to gift your children when they’ve grown or for yourself down the road.

Why Parents Love the Chronicle Books "Letters to My..." Parent Journal Series

  • Designated space for letter writing
  • Postmark and seal for a later day
  • Makes for fantastic memories


  • By Lea Redmond
  • Hardcover
  • 12 prompted letters
  • 12 fold-and-mail envelopes
  • An Oprah’s Favorite Things pick for 2015


  • 8” x 3.75”