Clek foonf Convertible Car Seat

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The Mother of All Car Seats

Built like a tank. Made with patented energy-absorbing crumple technology. The Foonf convertible car seat provides the utmost protection for your child. It’s easy to install, with a forward-facing rigid-LATCH installation that’s so secure, you’d swear the seat becomes one with your vehicle. It’s one of the best-rated convertible car seats available, and has the durability to be passed from one child to another. (And another. And another.)


-Designed for Comfort & ConvenienceWith the Rigid-LATCH structural installation method, the seat virtually becomes one with your vehicle. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to install: The Rigid-LATCH system makes proper forward-facing installation effortless, so you can remove and install the convertible car seat in seconds.
-Smooth Recline: foonf includes an easy-to-engage, smooth, 3 recline position function, making each ride comfortable and amendable to each vehicle and each child.
-Adjustable Structural Headrest: Energy-absorbing foam-lined headrest connected to frame using steel rods provides maximum head protection in a side-impact collision, just like the headrest in your vehicle.
-Industry Leading WarrantyA further commitment to our quality leadership position. Simply register your product online within 90 days of purchase to receive the complimentary 2-year extended warranty.
-3-Across Seating: And at less than 17 inches wide, it can be installed 3-across in most vehicles, or makes room for 2+ dogs or adults…


Standard C-Zero Plus: A new fluorine-free fabric that has a looped pile top that feels like terry cloth - plush and soft. It provides protection against stains, moisture and odour-causing bacteria, it's free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, it's GREENGUARD Gold certified and it's better for the environment than our previous version was!

(Shadow and Flamingo)

Tailored C-Zero Plus: A new fluorine-free formula that's even better for the environment than our previous version! It provides protection against stains, moisture and odour-causing bacteria, it's free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants and it's GREENGUARD Gold certified. Plus, it looks and feels great - a win-win!

(Cloud, Thunder, and Slate)

100% Merino Wool: A luxuriously soft fabric that has no added flame-retardants. Keeping your child cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not!



Rear Facing

Height: 25–43 in.
Weight: 14–50 lb
Minimum Age: Able to sit upright alone
When using with infant-thingy (sold separately), you can accommodate a child that's 5 lb and 19 in.
Seating Depth: 12.5 in.
Seating Height: 21.5–26 in.
Fore-Aft Measurement In Rear-Facing: 33 in.
Height Measurement In Rear-Facing: 25.5–28.5 in.
Seat Weight In Rear-Facing: 38 lb
Forward Facing
Height: 30–49 in.
Weight: 22–65 lb
Minimum Age: 2+ years recommended* (1 year minimum)
Base Width: 13 in.
Seat Width: 16.9 in.
Harness Slot Height: 8–17 in.
Height Measurement In Forward-Facing: 25.5–28.5 in.
Seat Weight In Forward-Facing: 33 lb
* AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) advises parents to keep their toddlers in Rear-Facing car seats until age 2, or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat.

In the Box

  • Foonf convertible child seat with warning labels attached
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Rear-facing base
  • Owner’s manual

Safety Standards

Foonf conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are certified for use in motor vehicles and aircrafts.

Foonf has a 9 year expiration.

Box Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 30.5 in. x 18.5 in. x 17 in.
Weight: 46.6 lb

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