Goumikids Mitts - Preemie

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These soft, sweet mitts are a cute and cozy way to protect babies from their own super-sharp nails before they get the hang of controlling their little arms!

  • Designed to stay on
  • Signature two-part closure system keeps scratches and germs at bay while adjusting to fit as baby grows
  • Reversible prints engage baby’s senses
  • High-contrast graphics promote infant brain & eye development
  • Stimulate baby’s brain by keeping bold and reversible patterns within easy view
  • Gentle on the earth and baby
  • Naturally antimicrobial and environmentally sustainable
  • Mitten body - 70% viscose (bamboo derived),  30% organic cotton blend
  • Prints - 100% cotton
Care Instructions: 
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry low