Lollia Necklace

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 The Lollia necklace is stylish and functional--you and your baby will both love it! Teething can be a hard time for baby and for you! The Lollia necklace has silicone and wood beads that are perfect for teething, and will look great on you!  

Why Parents Love Loulou LOLLIPOP Lollia Necklace 

  • Safe for teething baby
  • Stylish
  • Breakaway safety clasp

Why Children Love Loulou LOLLIPOP Lollia Necklace

  • Teething relief
  • Wood and silicone beads for different textures


  • Feature breakaway safety clasp for quick release
  • BPA, phathalates, PVC, lead and cadimum free

Material and Care

  • 100% food grade silicone
  • American maple hardwood beads polished with local organic beeswax and olive oil
  • Wash before use