Meri Meri Necklace

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Meri Meri necklaces make the perfect accessory for your little lady. Each featuring a fun design, she won't want to take the necklace off! Each Meri Meri necklace is carefully made and creatively designed to fulfill all of your little girl’s jewelry dreams! They typically have a gold or silver chain with a metal clasp and adorable charm or pendant.  

Why Parents Love Meri Meri Necklaces

  • Beautifully made jewelry
  • Great accessory for little girls

Why Children Love Meri Meri Necklaces

  • Cute charms
  • Pretty accessory

What’s Included

  • 1 necklace


  • Great for parties or for everyday wear
  • Adorable accessories
  • 18-inch chain
  • Package is 4 x 4 inches


  • Various designed acrylic pendants
  • Gold or silver chain
  • Metal clasp