Model Application

To apply to become a Baby Cubby Model, fill out the Google Form HERE and email a picture of your child to with their name and birthday in the subject line


1. How can my child participate in being a model for The Baby Cubby?

Fill out the baby cubby model sign up sheet HERE 

2. Will I or my child child be compensated?

No, unfortunately at this time The Baby Cubby is not compensating for models.

3. Can I live outside of Utah and still participate?

No, you must live locally and be willing to travel to the shoot which will most likely be somewhere in the Utah County area.

4. By filling out The Baby Cubby Model Sign Up Sheet will my child be in a video or photo shoot with The Baby Cubby?

By filling this out there is no guarantee you will be asked to participate in a video or photo shoot. You will be contacted via email or phone if we would like to invite your child and/or you to participate.

5. Can I be in the video with my child?

If you are interested in being in a video with your child please select the box within the Model Sign Up Sheet specifying that you are interested in being in the videos. However, please be advised that this is not a guarantee that you will be invited to participate.

6. Why would The Baby Cubby need to know my child’s birthday?

Because of the variety of products we sell and the large differences in infant abilities by month, it is important that we know your child’s age so we can choose a model who is the appropriate age for a photo or video shoot. Because it could be weeks or months after your application is submitted before we contact you, we must know your child's birthday in order to keep track of their age. 

7. Do I have to send a picture of my child?

Yes, your application will not be complete until a picture is emailed to kari@babycubby.comPlease make sure you include your child’s name and birthday in the subject line so we can connect your image to your application.

8. What will my child be in?

A possible video, photoshoot, or both including any of our products. The video and photo will be on one or any of the following social and website platforms:, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others as added by The Baby Cubby.

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