Car Seat Trade-In Event FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Car Seat Trade-In Event!

If your question isn't on this list, feel free to email our Customer Service team at

What is the Car Seat Trade-In Event?

This event allows you to trade in your old or expired car seat to receive 15% off a new car seat*! Simply bring in your old car seat to our American Fork or Sandy Retail Store to participate. *Some exclusions apply

Does my car seat have to be expired?

No! If you would simply like to upgrade an existing car seat, that's great! For this event, any car seat is acceptable to trade in.

What if the car seat I want is out of stock?

We can order the gear item you want, but you will still need to bring your old car seat when you pick up your new one to finish the trade in!

What type of car seat qualifies for a trade in?

You can trade in all kinds of of car seats! This includes old infant car seats, convertible car seats, car seat bases, booster seats, as well as car seats that are expired or damaged. By trading your old car seat in, you will receive 15% off a new car seat.

Where do I bring my old car seat to trade in?

Car seats can only be traded in at either our American Fork store or Sandy store! Simply walk in, and ask a Cubby Mom for assistance.

Does the base of a car seat expire?

Yes! Both the car seat AND the base expire! Be sure to bring both of these items for your trade.

Does the car seat I want to trade have to be a brand that you carry?

Nope! ANY car seat you want to trade is acceptable!

Can I bring in more than one car seat?

Yes! If you bring in two car seats to trade, you can get 15% off two new car seats. However, you cannot bring in two car seats to trade and receive 30% off your two new car seats. It's 15% off each item you purchase for each item you trade in.

How long does this event run?

This event runs from June 24th to June 29th at our both of our stores.

If I come in to the event and need to order a new car seat, can it be shipped to me?

Yes! If the new car seat you want needs to be shipped, we can ship it directly to your house, or we can arrange for you to pick it up at our stores or warehouse!

Do you have to take 15% off a new car seat right away or can you save it for later?

You can only take 15% off a new car seat during the dates of the event (June 24th - June 29th).

What if I don't live locally and can't come into the store to participate?

Please email for more questions about this.

Will trades take place all day?

Yes! You can trade in your car seat during our normal store hours. To see our store hours, please click here.