Patterned Knot Headband - Shabby White Dot



Shabby is the new chic in this headband. A woven dot pattern, with a frayed texture, in a nylon/spandex blend.
Sizing Info: The bow is 4 inches in length, and the band having a 6.5 inch diameter. This headband is suggested to be one size fits most.
Stretch Info: We've rated this headband with a 2 dot stretch. Meaning this one wants to give you that good hug, but not a tight squeeze.
Care Instructions: Untie the knot from the band. Hand wash the two pieces with warm water, and a mild soap. Lay pieces flat to dry, and re-tie.

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  • swatch: 10995,#A71C2C|11995,#BDA3B0|11996,#7D8FA7|5772,#323750|11997,#E2B6A5|8469,#F1F6FC|8467,#4D4B51|8468,#54628E|10951,#BCB6AF
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