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Puj Bath Treads are for every parent who bathes their children! A key safety device, bath treads prevent children from slipping after soaping up or rinsing off. Puj Treads come in a variety of fun colors and designs to fit any bathroom style, and will be sure to keep your chlid's interest as they explore their own personal ocean! 

Why parents love Puj Treads:

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Easy to clean using standard household cleaners
  • Grippy surface means worry-free bath time for you! 

Why children love Puj Treads: 

  • Bright, underwater color blots make for endless bath time scenarios! 
  •  Smooth and grippy, never pokey!

What's Included:

  •  Grippy surface means worry-free baths for parents
  •  Peel & stick installation
  •  Easy to clean - just clean them with standard household cleaners while you clean your tub!
  •  Won't damage tub or leave residue
  •  BPA & PVC free


  •  6" wide 

Proper installation of Puj Bath Treads:

  1. Clean the tub surface with any normal bathroom cleaner
  2. Rinse tub with water to remove soap and residue from tub surface
  3. Allow tub to completely dry
  4. Place treads on tub surface and press firmly on all parts of the tread
  5. Let stand for 24 hours before using
  6. Bonus! Treads can also be placed outside the bath to give traction while climbing out of the bath tub

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More Product Info

  • swatch: 5678,#59456F|8501,#58AFD4
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