Suede Pacifier Clip - Light Gray




You will love not having to worry about dropping binkies on the dirty floor anymore! These stunning, carefully crafted pacifier clips are just what you need to keep your baby germ free while looking fashionable and sweet at the same time! Each braided clip is made from cruelty-free suede in the U.S. It has an easy-to-use metal clip that will attach to clothes, blankets, and car seats without leaving a hole. You'll never lose another pacifier again!

Why Parents Love the Loved by Sophia Claire Suede Pacifier Clip

  • Looks classy
  • Keeps pacifier from touching the ground

Why Children Love the Loved by Sophia Claire Suede Pacifier Clip

  • Fun colors
  • Keeps pacifier close and easy to grab


  • Metal Clip
  • Compatible with any pacifier
  • Lightweight


  • Faux suede 

Care Instructions

  • Gently spot clean only
  • Do not soak, machine wash/dry --failure to follow instructions will damage product
  • This clip may stretch a little with use
  • If product is more than spot cleaned, product may bleed
  • Measures approx. 6.5" - 7” in length

**DISCLAIMER: Pacifier/teething clips are not intended to be chewed/sucked on. If product is more than spot cleaned, product may bleed. As stated above, gently spot clean only. Please do not leave children unattended when using these pacifier clips. Also please inspect the clip before each use to make sure none of the pieces have come loose. Buyer assumes full responsibility of using this clip.*

More Colors


More Product Info

  • swatch: 9423,#CEB43A|9102,#E3E5D6|9101,#C2CDBF|9100,#404E2B|9099,#E7B4A3|9098,#B69646|9097,#BE7627|9096,#61A993|6342,#959593

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