What We Believe


what we believe


At The Baby Cubby we do things differently, to understand why we do things differently let us share with you what we believe.

We believe in the best things: we believe in children, in mothers, in parents, in families, and in laughter and happiness.

“I make people, what’s your superpower?”
We believe that MOMS ARE SUPERHEROES, unsung & often unappreciated, Moms quietly create and mold the future of the world.

We believe being a mother and parent is the hardest and most important job in the world. And that parents should be honored, thanked, and appreciated.
   You work nights and weekends; never get a raise, a promotion, a paycheck, or even a cool scratch n sniff sticker at the end of the day—THANK YOU, Mom.

We believe that children can bring the best out in everyone. Children give us an opportunity to grow, to learn, to put someone else's needs before our own.  

We believe in everyday magic, we believe that children are the magic in our lives and in our world. They remind us what it’s like to imagine endless possibilities, to fight dragons and fly on unicorns, to live in a world filled with magic & innocence.

We believe there is more to life than making money. That is why we regulary give back to charities for mothers and children through in-store events, fundraising, and donations. (To find more about how you can help us give back click here)

We believe we live in a world with amazing opportunities, products, and technology; and that shopping for baby should be a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience, not something we dread.


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