Copper Pearl 3 Pack Burp Cloth Set

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An oversized Copper Pearl Burp Cloth is the perfect item to have on hand during and after feedings. They are soft and durable with three layers of fabric, and absorb perfectly to prevent messes!

These cute, oversized burp cloths are comfortably made thanks to three soft layers: two outer cotton layers, and an inner fleece layer. They are incredibly adorable and soft, as well as absorbent and functional!

Why Parents Love Copper Pearl 3 Pack Burp Cloth Set

  • Oversized
  • Adorable patterns and colors
  • Fabulous quality

Why Children Love Copper Pearl 3 Pack Burp Cloth Set

  • Soft on face and skin
  • Bright colors


  • Patterned cotton front
  • White cotton back
  • Absorbent middle fleece layer
  • Oversized


  • 100% ultra-soft cotton layers front and back
  • Middle fleece layer


  • 21”X10”