Adult Yoga Mat - Stripe

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For fitness or meditation, hot yoga or home practice. Made of 100% vegan materials that match your personal style.

The 5mm natural tree rubber backing creates comfort for any fitness or meditation. To ensure high performance, each mat is nonslip, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. It's never to early or too late to focus on health, so we're offering three sizes: adult, child, and toddler. And the real cherry on top - beautiful designs to compliment your style.


  • Use a wipe, paper towel, or wet rag with gentle cleaner to clean the surface of the item
  • Be sure to let your item dry fully before putting away
  • Wrinkles can be released by laying flat, hanging, or steaming
  • Do not machine wash or iron
  • Avoid permanent markers or anything with heavy dyes
  • Be careful with mineral sunscreens, as they may stain
  • It is recommended to use extra caution when folding or cleaning printed mats as they are digitally printed on the leather

More Colors

More colors available:
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