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10 Baby Registry Essentials

Baby Registries are definitely not a thing of the past. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! With so many products and options out there these days, it's more important than ever to let help those who love you know what things you want and need for your newest arrival!

With my first pregnancy I felt so unprepared. Not only did I not know one thing about babies, but I didn't have one single baby item. So I loved being able to personally pick out potential gifts and items that our baby would love and use for years to come.

It can be overwhelming searching through the whole internet for the perfect baby list, so we thought we'd keep it simple with 10 items you won't want to leave off of your registry!

1. A Car Seat

A car seat is the most essential baby item you'll pick! You can't even leave the hospital without one! I spent countless hours researching the car seat I wanted--I'm sure you did the same, so don't forget to add it to your registry! Check out The Baby Cubby's curated selection of the very best car seats here!

2. A Stroller

A car seat's number one wingman is it's trusty stroller! Whether you want a compact travel stroller or a modular stroller that will grow with you for years to come, it's definitely a must for your registry! We stock the latest and greatest, as well as favorite classics in our stroller collection.

3. A Baby Monitor

There are so many options out there for baby monitors, with so many great unique features. Personally, I love the peace of mind that the Owlet baby monitor gives parents. But whichever monitor you choose to spy on your little as they snooze, it's a perfect registry addition and a great option if your friends and family want to go in on a group gift!

4. A DockATot Baby Lounger

Perfect for on-the-go or cozying up at home, the DockATot is a newborn staple.  Provide a snuggly space for your tiny baby anywhere and everywhere with it's unique design meant to mimic a womb. You can use it for tummy time, diaper changes, lounging, or playing! It's so versatile you won't want to skip it on your registry.

5. A Baby Bouncer or Swing

You may think that you'll never want to set your little baby down--ever. But trust me, there will come a day where you will desperately need to pee or take a shower! You'll be so thankful for the bouncer or swing you added to your registry!  

6. Blankets

Whether you have a summer baby or a winter baby, you will definitely need a snuggly blanket either way! Receiving blankets are the perfect size for snuggling with in a rocking chair, traveling with, or laying out to play on! We have a wide range of blankets and quilts for every style. You can check them out here.

7. Swaddles

Trust me on this--you really can't have too many blankets. Swaddle blankets are the perfect lightweight blanket and a perfect gift item for your registry. Use them to wrap your tiny newborn up tight, throw over your car seat, use as a nursing cover, or anything in between. Add a few or a lot to your registry--with so many cute colors and designs, you'll love every single one of them!

8. Bottles

Even if you plan on breastfeeding, you won't regret the occasional break from feeding duty. Plus nothing is more stressful than having a baby who won't take a bottle at all. I'd suggest introducing a bottle to any baby before they get too used to always having mommy on call. These Comotomo bottles are a fan favorite- and we couldn't agree more with all the hype! 

9. Burp Cloths

You many think you know how many burp cloths you need, but you probably need double that. You'll use them for everything: spit ups, spills, diaper changes, emergency breast pads--seriously everything! Go crazy when you're adding them to your registry!

10. Baby Carrier

While a baby carrier might not have been one of the first things you thought of while building your registry, it is so handy! Keep your baby wrapped up close to you while you're out adventuring or at home doing chores--all while staying hands free! With so many options out there, you'll have a hard time picking your favorite for your registry. You might just need to pick a few :)

Once your baby registry is built, you will feel well on your way to being a little more prepared for your newest addition!  And the best news?? You can now create a registry or wishlist at The Baby Cubby! 

Find all the best gear and brands at The Baby Cubby and register yourself (or a friend) today! What are you adding to your registry?

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