10 Baby Shower Activities That Aren't Corny!

10 Baby Shower Activities That Aren't Corny!

We show up to the baby shower and are excited for the mama-to-be to open up the gift that we are SO excited about (I mean baby clothes, come on) and we can't wait to see her glowing face and adorable baby bump. We're expecting some food, some small talk, and of course the baby shower games. For those of you that just cringed, we feel you! It's tough to come up with activities at a shower that everyone can enjoy, but we put together a list of games that we think will make your shower a great time for all your guests!

"Don't Say Baby!" from Fit Pregnancy

When each guest arrives they get a few clothes pins to pin onto their shirt. The point of the game is that anytime you say "baby" you lose a pin. Once you're out of pins you have no chance of winning. Whoever has the most pins (if anyone has managed to hang on to any!) by the end of the shower wins a prize!

Decorate Onesies

Give each guest the chance to decorate a onesie for babe. My shower we had iron-on shapes that we could cut out, or you could just have fabric-safe paints/markers to personalize them. This is a fun way to include everyone, and it's a good way to remember your shower once the baby comes!

"Diaper Raffle" from Beau-Coup

Include an insert in your shower invitation inviting the guests to bring a pack of diapers with them. Each pack of diapers will get them a raffle ticket. During the shower, the guest of honor will draw the winning ticket, and hand out the prize. This is an awesome, easy way to make sure the mama is stacked with enough diapers for her little babe, and a fun competition for your guests!

DIY Baby Blocks from Parents.com

Pick up a set of blank, wooden alphabet blocks (you can find these at most craft stores) and leave them on the table for your guests to decorate with markers or paint. Make sure to have a checklist nearby of the letters everyone has already chosen so you don't get any repeats. This will be another fun way for you to enjoy the memories of your shower every time you play with them!

How Big's the Bump?

For this game all you need is string and a preggo mama. We played this game at my shower and it was so much fun! Each guest should measure out a piece of string that they think will wrap perfectly around mama's pregnant belly. Once all the guests have guessed her size, they'll take turns seeing how close they were. Some guesses will absolutely have you rolling with laughter to see how wrong your friends were. *Disclaimer: If you have a sensitive mama on your hands, maybe skip this one. Wouldn't want to draw any more attention than she is comfortable with!*

The Price is Right

Get together a basket full of baby essentials (keep the receipt!) and have all the guests guess the total cost of all the products. This is an eye opener, and a fun easy game to play with everyone! Make sure to have a cute little prize to give to whichever of your guests can get closest to the total.

My Water Broke!

Go to your local craft store and purchase a pack of mini plastic babies (I know....sounds weird), then head over to your grocery store and grab a couple of ice trays. Pop the little toys into the trays and freeze! Each guest gets one baby in their drink, and when the first one to notice it's melted shouts, "My water broke!" and wins a prize.

Guess How Many

Fill up a baby bottle with some yummy candies and let each guest guess how many candies fit. The winner (of course) gets a prize!

Guess the Due Date

This is the game that takes a little bit of time to end! Find a blank monthly calendar, fill in your due date's month, and let each guest write their name on their guess for the special day! You won't know who won until baby shows up, but once they do you'll have to call them and let them know!

Diaper Messages from Working Moms Against Guilt

A fun way to put a smile on mama's (and daddy's) face when it comes to the constant diaper change life ahead. Leave a funny, sweet, or peppy message on the diapers, and put them in a special basket for mom to pull out and use when she's been having a bad day! Try and leave messages that will help her feel good about herself when she has poo all over her hand and pee all over her carpet (sigh... I wish this wasn't reality).

Let's bring some fun back into those showers, and make sure we all enjoy ourselves while we're celebrating mama!

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