10 Items for the Perfect Hospital Bag

10 Items for the Perfect Hospital Bag

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Getting ready for the hospital stay can be nerve-wracking, but being prepared and having EVERYTHING as ready as possible can most definitely help with the nerves. A packed hospital bag is no exception to this. In all honesty, there’s not really a limit on what can and can’t come to the hospital with you. It’s up to mom and dad to decide what makes the cut for this (hopefully) brief stay! Here’s a few items we think would be great to have with you while experiencing your new baby in those first few precious days.

1. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Diaper Bag

Obviously you need a bag to begin with. Imagine a Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger bag. The type of bag that is overly huge and fits anything and everything in it but looks just normal on the outside. This is that bag. The Be Prepared Bag is the largest of the Ju-Ju-Be collection and is incredibly organized. Some of the best features are: the mommy pocket, a place to keep your wallet, sunglasses, etc in an easy to find pouch separate from the rest of the bag. A gazillion other pockets with their own fancy features. A comfy memory foam changing pad. It is machine washable. It is finished with an agion coating, which captures moisture from the air and creates a self-cleaning component. This feature is perfect for germy hospital rooms! 

2. Toiletries

Pack what you would pack for a weekend away: toothbrush and toothpaste, a tiny bit of makeup if you insist, a brush, some bobby pins and hair elastics, glasses/contact lenses, and any medical devices you may need - I brought my inhaler and thank goodness I did! But be sure to talk to your nurse or doctor about it first though because you shouldn’t be taking anything that they don’t give you or approve of!

3. Little Unicorn Bamboo Deluxe Muslin Swaddle

The swaddle blankets given at the hospital are very thick and hard to maneuver, so bring one of these light and breathable swaddle blankies along and your swaddling woes will be long gone! Not only do these start out soft but they get softer with every wash! Little Unicorn prints are very modern and any mom is sure to find a print she LOVES. 

4. Kickee Pants Print Footie

These adorable pajamas are light and silky and come in so many cute prints! Each of them snap up and have retractable mittens; and, because of the bamboo/spandex combo they’re made from, they are SO SOFT! New little baby would look great and be very comfortable coming home in these Kickee Pants pajamas!

5. Clothes

When it comes to clothing for mom, basically it just comes down to some loose clothing for the drive home, a nursing bra (probably the sleep kind, much more comfortable) and socks. The underwear given at the hospital is necessary-breathable, loose, and easy to slide on and off. However, as soon as you’re ready to make the switch, it’s pretty obvious that being in real, non-mesh-made underwear will be much more comfy! Be sure to at least pack a pair for the trip home because those homemade pads they send you with will be heaven for many days to come.

Kickee Pants Print Footie - Calypso Hedgehog  

Kickee Pants Print Footie - Peacock Hedgehog                

6. Goumikids Mitts

Nothing is worse than a newborn baby having scratches all over their face due to those jerky, uncontrolled movements and sharp baby nails! These little mittens are lifesavers. Velcro allows these to be adjustable for either tiny hands or chubbier hands, they come in many cute prints, they are reversible, and they stay on baby’s hands

7. Picture Essentials

Camera, extra batteries, and chargers! And plenty of memory on your phone because the pictures wont soon be stopping! 

8. Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

Sure, there are many pillows available at the hospital to aid in breastfeeding, but this nursing pillow doesn’t take up much space and might just need to be apart of your hospital bag. These firm v-shaped pillows from Luna Lullaby have amazing support but remain very soft and comfortable for both mom and baby. They are the prefect size and shape for travel and fit great in a chair during feedings. To learn more about the benefits of using this bosom baby pillow, read here: Looking for the Best Nursing Pillow? You Found it!

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow - Navy Lattice

9. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Bottle-feeding? Not yet sure if you’re breastfeeding? Having trouble breastfeeding and need the perfect bottle for bottle-to-breast transition? These Comotomo bottles are the perfect solution to any of those situations! The bottles themselves are made of silicone to try and mimic a soft, warm breast. Plus, if baby is struggling with a latch, Comotomo is known to help ease baby into learning how the ‘breath, suck, swallow’ sequence works! Keep in mind that although the hospital can provide you with bottles for baby if needed, they are most likely bottle not designed for moving between bottle and breast.

 Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle 5 oz - Pink
Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle 5 oz - Green                

10. Form of Entertainment

Even though it’s probably the most eventful few days of your life, there’s still a lot of down time and a lot of sitting around. A deck of cards, a favorite book, or a journal would be a perfect way to top off this hospital bag. Of course, there’s the chance they don’t get touched, but just to have the option to do something other than flip through channels on the television makes quite a difference in the way your hospital stay is spent. *Keep on the lookout for our new Dad Tips: The Third Trimester post for what Dad should be taking for himself to the hospital!
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