10 Things to Try When You have a Crying Baby

10 Things to Try When You have a Crying Baby

So you've got a crying baby, huh? We're here to help!

1. Make sure their diaper is clean and dry. Also be sure to check for diaper rash and use ointment if necessary.

2. See if they're hungry.

3. Try to work out any gas bubbles. You can do this by burping them, putting pressure on their stomach, doing bicycle movements with their legs, by using infant gas drops, or the Fridababy Windi Baby Gas Catheter. 

4. Swaddle them. Wrapping a baby up tight imitates the feeling of the womb and can be comforting to young infants.  We particularly love the swaddle blankets from Little Unicorn.

 5. Give them something to suck on. Suckling is soothing for babies, whether that's nursing on an empty breast or sucking on a pacifier like this one from Natursutten.

6. Hold them.  Try rocking, bouncing and snuggling them tight.  You can't spoil them by holding them too much at this age.


7. Undress them completely.  Sounds weird but it's important. You need to make sure there aren't any hairs that have wrapped themselves around a toe or other body part causing them to loose circulation.

8. Make sure they are not too hot or too cold.  Babies lose heat in their extremities much faster than older people do.  They also have trouble regulating their temperature so even though the room might be at a good temperature your baby may not be.

9. Give them a comfort object such as a security blanket.  It will help them feel at home in any situation that they are placed in.

10. Take them to some place quiet and serene. Over-stimulation can sometimes upset babies. Being overly tired can also make them cry.  If they are someplace quiet, they may be able to fall asleep more easily.

If all else fails and you find yourself frustrated by the crying, put your baby in a safe place (like a crib) and walk away to cool off.  Shaking a baby is never the right choice.  For more information on shaken baby syndrome go here.


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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