10 Ways to Use a DockATot Grand

10 Ways to Use a DockATot Grand

Out of nowhere came this DockATot contraption and BOOM: everybody has one. Everybody loves them. And if we don’t have one, it is certainly on our wish list. (It’s most definitely on mine!) If you haven’t heard of DockATot by now, first of all, I don’t believe you. Second of all, go read this wonderful breakdown of everything you need to know about this great product: The Item That Every New Mom Needs: DockATot.

DockATot Grand Dock

In this post, I will list and talk about ten useful ways of using the DockATot Grand Dock Baby Lounger & Sleep Positioner. Most people simply use this to help transition their toddler from a crib to a big kid bed, which is a fabulous use for it. But, these don’t need to just be limited to bedtime use! Here are ten MORE ways to use the Grand:

1. Travel Bed

The Grand Dock is great for sleepovers at relatives who may not have enough beds when the pack-n-play is outgrown or it's just a hassle to bring along. These are lightweight enough that traveling with them is easy peasy. They recommend not bending the mattress, but their build is great to be thrown on top of the luggage in the back of the car for a trip!

2. Movie Bunker

The Grand Dock can become the new hot spot for movies for your toddler! Layer with blankets and pillows and this DockATot transforms into the perfect spot for show watching. This is particularly great early in the mornings when they’re still sleepy or at night when trying to wind things down. Laying or sitting, it’s cozy enough to accommodate for a young movie buff.

3. Co-sleeping Companion

It’s important to note that DockATot only recommends using these in mom’s bed IF mom’s bed is king sized. The Grand Dock is large enough that in any other bed, it would simply kick both mom AND dad out with its size alone! Assuming it is being used appropriately, this is a great way for toddlers to have their own space and hopefully keep the face kicking to a minimum.

4. Changing Pad

I realize that toddler diaper changes don’t sound very orderly and, depending on the child, this could be a horrendous idea, despite the outer pieces being machine washable. BUT I have found there is quite the benefit of having a diaper changing routine: singing a certain song, naming body parts to keep child still and hands occupied, or changing them in the same location. Say, a place like the DockATot Grand Dock!

5. Quiet Time Site

As much as we hate the fact that kiddos grow up, it happens. Part of that means outgrowing naps. I’m seriously dreading the day! However, I know many moms who continue to reinforce some type of quiet time into their daily routines. The Grand is a great spot for such an occasion! Putting it outside of the bed may help them cooperate so they don’t think they’re getting tricked into a nap!

6. Play-pen

The DockATot Grand Dock is significantly larger than the DockATot Deluxe Dock. And while the Deluxe Dock is the perfect place for tiny babies to sleep, a Grand Dock would give infants more room to play! Tummy time, toy manipulation, and beginning movements are some examples of play that babies could more easily and productively accomplish if given more space than a Deluxe. 

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7. Tablet Time Venue

We’re squarely in the middle of the electronic generation, so we might as well embrace it! Moderation and supervision are major but that’s sometimes hard when they play such a large role in our kids’ lives! Tablets are like magnets to kids I swear. Perhaps having a set location for them to play on, the tablet could help with the stability when it comes to this particular type of screen-time.

8. Playtime Port

Toddlers learn at a crazy fast rate! Toys and playtime are contributing factors to their growth rate and because their imaginations are endlessly expanding, a DockATot Grand Dock could be the perfect place for play! Whether lying in, sitting on, or outside of this soft play place, this port transforms into whatever your toddler can think up!

9. Reading Nook

Similar to quiet time but this includes mom! (Have I ever mentioned that reading is my very favorite pastime?) The Grand Dock is a great spot for kids to sit/lounge while being read to. Having a set location for reading may also help boost a liking for books simply because of routine! This can take place in the playroom, the bedroom, or anywhere else books are accessible.

10. Copycat Cushion

I’ve already lost count of the amount of times I’ve told my little boy, “No, that’s not yours, it’s baby sisters”. And she hasn’t even been born yet! A new addition to the family is certainly not easy on young ones, especially with all the fun gadgets they come with! (Disclaimer: newborns and DockATots sold separately.) A Grand Dock for your toddler to go along with a Deluxe Dock for your infant is a perfect solution to possible sibling jealousy!  

There you have it, ten more ways to use a DockATot Grand Dock!


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[…] The DockATot gives babies a safe space for some independence, but they are nice and cozy to somewhat mimic being held while they sleep. These are ideal for co-sleeping, so perfect to just put on the guest bed or hotel bed with no worries of taking up extra space. One thing about the DockATot that I’m not sure everyone yet understands is that the Grand is suited to sleep a baby up until age 3! That’s a long lifespan! So even your toddler will have a familiar place to sleep when traveling with the DockATot! And if you’re still not sold, here’s an additional 10 Ways to use a DockATot Grand. […]

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