12 Gifts for the Expecting Mama

12 Gifts for the Expecting Mama

Do you have an expecting mama in your life? Chances are, she is in need of some great gear for this next chapter of her life! IN that case, you are in luck! We have the top gifts for all of the darling expectant mamas out there. You may just want to save this list.

1. DockAtot Deluxe Plus

This little number, the DockAtot Deluxe Plus Dock, is the perfect item for any mother who wants to sleep (so that's every mom, right?). You see, when babies are born, they miss their snug little home in mommy's tummy. It was safe, warm, and secure. The DockAtot helps create that environment once again with breathable barriers and soft, easy-to-clean fabric. To learn more about DockAtot, check out our blog post The Item Every New Mom Needs: DockAtot or our video below!

2. Happy Baby Wrap or Happy Baby Carrier

The Happy Baby Wrap is one of those must-haves for moms! The ability to do things hands free is invaluable. Also, since baby wearing is associated with decreased levels of PPD and other postpartum mood disorders, you really can't go wrong! It's super soft, machine washable, and is no larger than a small wipes case in your diaper bag. Check out our how-to below! Or, if you need something more simple than a wrap (because let's be honest, sometimes you need something EASY), or your husband doesn't want to wear a wrap, you can always go for something like the Happy Baby Carrier! This lovely item is created from the finest linen that only gets softer with use, and even has a purse snap to make it so your purse doesn't fall off your shoulder when you're carrying baby! Check out full review on it!

3. Tubby Todd Mama Products

We could all agree that the mothers in our lives could all use a little pampering, which is why Tubby Todd released their all-natural mama line of products. They are only slightly scented so as not to cause any nausea for our pregnant mothers and work beautifully! You can get anything from lightly scented Mama Hand Cream to an all-natural Nursing Salve for sore, dry nipples!

4. Little Unicorn Cotton Swaddles

Little Unicorn's Cotton Swaddles are perfect for new mom's because they're not only for babies! They will make mom's life so much easier since they are LARGE - 47"x47" to be exact! This means that they'll have plenty of room to wrap up their growing baby, to use it to cover the car seat to create a quiet environment for baby, or even to tie around their neck as a makeshift nursing cover! If you're wondering how on earth the mama in your life will be able to wrap up baby in this, just check out our how-to below!

5. Wubbanub Pacifier Lovey

This may seem like something that is only for baby, but don't be fooled, this will be a gift for mama in the long term! Ever tried to take a pacifier away from a child who is addicted to it? Not. Pretty. Wubbanubs can help ease the transition though by helping baby get attached to not only the pacifier, but the lovey attached to it! So, when it's time to take away the binky, mom can cut off the pacifier, but her now kiddo can keep the lovey to comfort them. #momwin
`Reindeer Wubbanub Lovey

6. Welcome Baby! Baby Journal

If you're looking for something a little more meaningful for mom, this is the perfect gift! You see, there's something called "pregnancy amnesia" where mothers often forget what pregnancy was like. Also, there's just time where you forget all those little details! This journal will ensure that the expectant mama in your life can record everything she wants and needs to, so that one day, when her babies are grown up, she can revisit it and be reminded of all those glorious glimmering moments from the very beginning. For another option, check the Expecting You Pregnancy Journal

7. ErgoBaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

If the mama in your life is a serious nurser, then the ErgoBaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow will be the highlight of their holiday! This little piece of heaven places baby in the correct tummy-to-tummy position for nursing without mom having to even think twice about it. Plus, it has a soft side for baby to lay on and a firm side to sit on top of mom so that it never loses its shape!

8. ComoTomo Baby Bottles

Again, for our serious nursing mamas out there, come the ComoTomo Bottles! These are perfect for mothers who are working but want to keep nursing, or who just want to be able to take a break from time to time! The nipple is very wide - just like mom! The tit is short to ensure that baby is receiving stimulation as close to mom's breast as possible. Check out our full review on them below along with some tips and tricks for going from breast to bottle! The mama in your life will be so impressed that you know all of this.

9. Freshly Picked Moccasins

Who doesn't love it when they have something luxurious for baby? These Freshly Picked Moccs are the perfect thing for your stylish mamas who need something to keep baby's feet warm during these cold winter months! You can even size them up a bit for those moms that have babies who are close to walking and will need something soft soled!

10. Stance Women's Socks

My dad once told me that there's no better gift than a brand new pair of socks...and boy was he right! Mothers who have been running around all day after adorable littles need something soft, comfy, warm, and durable to either keep on running around or kick back in. With an array of styles to keep mama happy, these will make the perfect stocking stuffer!

11. FridaBaby Fridet or "Mom Washer"

For your moms out there that have just had a baby or are about to have one, this is the gift they surely need! There are few things worse than cleaning yourself up in the bathroom after having a baby and trying to navigate around stitches, blood, and other things we just won't mention! The Fridet solves that problem and is the perfect angle to allow mom the most comfortable access to wash herself. Trust us, you will be her new hero! Find out all the reasons why it's the BEST below!  

12. Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover

Every nursing mother needs this 360 degree nursing cover in her life! It will cover her all the way around so that she can nurse comfortably no matter where she is at, it can be used as an infant car seat cover, a scarf, and even a shopping cart cover! (If you can't tell yet, we are HUGE fans of multi-use products!) Every mother needs this cover in her back pocket (or diaper bag pocket), so don't let this gift pass you by! Check out all the uses in action below!  

Your mama friend is about to make you her BESTEST best friend! Spoil her rotten!

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