12 Perfect Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

12 Perfect Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is coming and you're ready to make some new memories with your baby! That means that you need to be thinking about things to do--not the gifts you're going to get them. That's why we made this top list of items for your sweet baby to make their first Christmas truly magical!

1. Manhattan Toy Co. Wooden Baby Beads

These baby beads are the perfect item for your growing infant! They can fit around your wrist for baby to play and suck on as they sit on your lap, or older infants can easily grasp them. Plus, the array of colors and inconsistent placement patterns allow your child to explore this toy for days to come!

2. Bannor Toys Rattle

There's nothing better than a classic toy, and this Banner Toys Rattle is no exception! The thin center of this wooden toy will allow for even the youngest infants to grasp it and enjoy it's jingling!

3. Feltman and Co. Cloud Teether

This Cloud Teether from Feltman and Co. will not only make mama happy with it's all-natural wooden cloud piece, but will be helpful in teaching baby about color and textures with the addition of its rainbow silicone ring! The ring will soothe those poor little teething gums all day long once baby starts teething! Until then, it's another smooth texture to explore!

4. Burt's Bee's Stripe Sleeper

Babies in Christmas jammies are something we cannot get enough of! These Burt's Bee's sleepers are organic, they zip up for easy diaper access at night, and are SO well priced! Your little elf will look too cute in these pajamas!

5. Oilo Stroller Blanket

Oilo's stroller blanket is not like other stroller blankets; one side is their durable and luxurious fabric, and the other is a soft and warm minky fabric, perfect for even the coldest winters! Your baby will be happy and snuggly in this gorgeous blankie! 

6. Little Mister Bow Tie

These bow ties are perfect for all of your little guys because they attach to the top button on their shirt! Easy peasy. Plus, they come in an array of colors to make sure your little man always looks his best for those holiday photos!

7. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Holiday parties have your arms tired from holding baby all day? Or maybe you just don't want people grabbing baby out of your arms to begin with, but you want to look put together too! Check out the Sakura Bloom Ring Slings! These lovely slings can hold even large toddler children, and are so luxurious you'll forget that you're even wearing it!

8. Baby Bling Headband

Baby Bling headbands are a long time favorite here at The Baby Cubby and for good reason! Their stretchy nylon design leaves NO sad red marks on baby's head, AND they grow with your child! So you can use that headband from newborn to childhood! If you ever want to shrink it back, just place it in boiling water for a few seconds and let it air dry!

9. Oli and Carol Duck Baby Toy

Oli and Carol toys were created for natural mamas in mind--or just ones who don't like mold in their toys! These beauties are created from 100% natural rubber, handprinted with food-grade dyes, and are completely sealed so they won't ever mold inside from slobber! #win 

10. Manhattan Toy Co. Swaddle Babies

We have yet to meet a baby that doesn't love soft, cuddle-able (yes, that is a word...that we just made up) things. That's why these Swaddle Babies from Manhattan Toy Company are the perfect addition to your baby's first Christmas! Even if they don't use it right away, they are sure to grow into it quickly and love on this little animal baby that is all their own!

11. Manhattan Toy Co. Musical Pull Toy

These are the perfect toy for cribs, car seats, and more! This fuzzy stuffed squirrel will keep your infant's hands busy. When they can finally pull things, they'll hear a little tune play while it hides back in its home!

12. Tubby Todd Bath Co. Hair & Body Wash

There's nothing quite like newborn baby smell--but that smell can fade fast! This is exactly why we love Tubby Todd's Hair & Body Wash! It smells AMAZING and lasts! Plus, you need a fraction of the amount of regular baby wash to get your little one smelling clean and fresh! 

We know that the holidays can be stressful, but hopefully this list took a little bit of the stress out for you! Happy Holidays!

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