15 Creative and Budget-Friendly Valentine Cards

15 Creative and Budget-Friendly Valentine Cards

Holidays can be stressful, especially ones like Valentine's Day where you have to make something to give to others. Your kids may get excited to create imaginative Valentines to show their appreciation to friends and classmates--and while it can be fun to join in or watch them create these, it can also be overwhelming to help them come up with ideas. Sometimes we don't have the time to make something elaborate, and the stores want you to spend the big bucks for something so tiny or too excessive for what you need, but you still want to do something cute, unique, and fun for when they pass these out in class. 

So with Valentine's Day in a couple weeks, here's a list of creative, budget-friendly and, most importantly, fun Valentine cards your kids can share (and maybe a couple for you too!).

Let's get started!

kids making valentines card

Before you start, always see what supplies you already have in your house. It may surprise you how many items you already have on hand--believe me, it's happened to me! Also, let the Dollar Store become your best friend. They have most or all the treats/supplies you could need and for only $1.00!

1. Tic-Tac-Toe Card

    tic tac toe valentines card

      This one is extremely simple. Just buy a bag of Valentine-colored M&M's, print off this cute printable, drop a few candies into a bag with your card, and there you have it! You can either store these in small clear baggies sold at your local craft store or put them in a sandwich bag!

      2. Masterpiece Card

        painting valentines card

          This is a very budget-friendly and creative Valentine for your child to pass out in their class. All you need are these inexpensive miniature paint sets--you can find them at your local craft/party store. Then print out a cute little saying on a tag and attach it to the paint sets. The kids are not only going to love that they get to paint, but that their paint set is sooo tiny! 

          3. Valentine Bracelets

            valentine bracelets

              This is a very cute one! Ask your child's teacher for their class list and head over to your local craft store. Buy a case of letter beads, and really any other kind of bead your child would like to add, along with some string. Let your child build a bracelet for each classmate's name and attach it to a simple card. That's it! Your child will love making each one so unique and personalized for each classmate. It will be a hit!

              4. Pokemon Cards

                Pokemon Valentines Cards

                  This is a perfect Valentine's idea for your Pokemon fan! I saw a kid in my son's class do this last year, and his mom told me how she made these so affordably: She just went to a game/card store and found Pokemon cards for 5 cents each. You can also find them at your local thrift shop--no need to buy a full pack for an expensive price. Attach attach a printed card to each one that says, "I always choose you to be my friend!"

                  5. Crayon Hearts

                    Crayon Valentines Card

                      If your coloring box (or kids) are anything like mine, then you probably have plenty of broken crayons lying around the house. This is the perfect opportunity to use them up. Grab yourself a muffin tin--or you can also buy heart silicone molds (sold at a craft store or on Amazon). Follow these instructions (printable included) to create crayon hearts. The kids in class will love this neat Valentine! 

                      6. Friendship Rocks

                      valentine rocks idea

                        This one is so fun and adorable. All you need are some small rocks, paint, markers, googly eyes, and you're all set.  Use paint to decorate the rocks however you want, then attach with a cute card with cute phrases like, "You Rock," or "You're a Rocking Friend." The possibilities of what they can create with these are endless!

                        7. Rawr-some Card

                          dinosaur valentine card idea

                            For these Valentines, print or draw a cute saying like,"You're Dino-mite," or "I think your RAWR-SOME!" and attach a little dinosaur toy to each one. I have found miniature dinosaurs at my dollar store, but in case you can't find any there, they usually sell them at any toy store too. The kids will love it!

                            8. You Make Me GLOW

                              glow valentines card idea
                                There are a couple of ways you can do this one: use either a glow stick (sold in a pack at the dollar store) or those sticky glow-in-the dark stars. Either way kids, will love it because they love anything bright and glowing that they can see at night! Print out a card with the saying, "You Make Me Glow," or "You're a Star in My Eyes!" and attach the glow stick or a small bag of stars!

                                9. Lollipop Picture

                                  lolli-pop valentine card idea
                                    All you have to do for this one is to get a bag of lollipops and print out a photo of your child making a grasp fist. Simply punch the lollipop stick through the picture or tape it to the card, and that's it--what a unique and adorable Valentine! 

                                    10. Sweet Bird Card

                                      bird animal valentine card idea

                                        I love when you can use items from around the house for crafts. All you need for this one is googly eyes, cupcake liners (bonus if they already are colored), glue, and black marker. Fold your cupcake liner in half and glue it so it stays. Glue one or two of them onto a simple card. Have your child add bird features like feet, a beak, and some googly eyes to each one, along with some cute heart decorations! Finally, add a sweet saying like, "I think you are tweet!"

                                        11. You Light Me Up

                                          creative flashlight valentine card idea
                                            If there's one thing kids love, it is a flashlight! So head over to your party store and buy a pack of small flashlights. Simply clip them to this cute printable and you're set! Easy and fun!

                                            12. Bacon Love

                                              funny bacon valentine card idea
                                                I mean, who doesn't love bacon? I thought this one was super cute because all you have to do is print out a clip art picture of a pan, buy some sour candy strips (sold at the dollar store too!) and print off this little tag that says, "Don't go bacon my heart!" The kids will all get a kick out of it, and it's affordable! 

                                                13. Ninja Hearts

                                                  ninja valentine card idea
                                                    This one is for our Ninja Turtle fans out there! All you need are some googly eyes, cardstock, and scissors. Simply cut out a heart, add a strip of paper for a mask, add some googly eyes and a smile, and you've got an adorable Ninja Turtle. Add whichever candy or small gift you want along with a cute saying on the back like, " Have a Kickin' Valentine's Day" or "You steal my heart!"

                                                    14. S'mores Gift

                                                      Smores valentine card treat idea
                                                        Who doesn't love s'mores? Kids are the biggest fans of these yummy treats. Grab a bag of medium/large marshmallows, fun size Hershey bars, and a box of graham crackers and divide them into little baggies with a cute card that says, "I need s'more friends like you!" 

                                                        15. Goldfish Valentine 

                                                          Goldfish Valentine

                                                            Another simple one (and an option that doesn't use candy) is this goldfish valentine treat. You can buy the small box of goldfish--or I highly recommend buying the small sealed bags to save space-- and attach this printable and you're done! 

                                                            Some Ideas for Adult Friends or Your Special Someone

                                                            See, this holiday doesn't have to be stressful! There are so many cute ideas out there that require you not even spend much and are super unique! The goal is for your child to have fun creating and passing out their Valentines, and with these ideas, they are set!

                                                            Enjoy the holiday and stay tuned as we share more Valentine-inspired posts this month!

                                                            Happy Valentine's Day!

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