2018 Spring Trends

2018 Spring Trends


This spring, it's all about light, bright and easy styles and accessories to freshen up your babe's wardrobe, and a couple of softies to add a little sweetness to the sweetest of seasons. So here's a look at all of the 2018 spring trends that we are loving for baby and kids!

You can also check out our Youtube video to get a closer look at our picks!

Mary Meyer Stuffed Animal


Something sweet and soft to stuff into an easter basket is the perfect toy for springtime, and is something your little one will love to snuggle! Mary Meyer stuffed animals are the perfect plushie for your little one-- they are so incredibly soft and are the perfect size for your sweeties to carry around with them. Try a cute little bunny or lamb for an Easter gift or mix it up with a piggy!

Hazel Village Bunny

Slumberkins Blanket Animals are a super cute way to combine a security blanket with a stuffed animal, and even comes with a sweet little positive message. Choose between some funny characters, like Big Foot, Slumber Sloth or the Yeti to give your little one a boost of comfort and kindness. Something that we are all about is the idea of toys that match your family, and can grow along with you. The Maileg Mice family of teeny toys are such a cute gift for your littles that can have tons of meaning to you and the family. You can even purchase a sweet little tent for the whole crew and it's just too much cuteness to handle! Dressed up in their Easter best, the Hazel Village bunnies have springtime written all over them! Who doesn't love an organic cotton plushy, and add in an adorable little outfit and you've sold us.


Little Mr. Bow Ties and Milk Barn Bow Ties are going to transform your little tot into a handsome little man, and along with some Little Mr. Suspenders your guy is guaranteed to get a few cheek squeezes during Easter service. If you're not seeing the color or print you like online, call our store and we can order them for you!

MilkBarn Bow Ties

For our little girls, you already know how easy it is to dress up any outfit with an adorable bow, and the Modern Piggy bows (call to order only) are no exception! Go neutral for a more jazzy outfit, or dress up a simple look with a cute floral! You can also go the gender neutral route with the Briar Bonnets which are just the sweetest little touch for our new babes!

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag- Blush

Freshly Picked is giving us life with a couple new spring colors in their gorgeous diaper bag, and you can't go wrong with a new pair of sandals (call to order these cuties)! Lastly, if you're looking for something a little more sentimental that both you and babe can love, the Gem Mom and Daughter jewelry is just the sweetest thing--a necklace for you and a matching bracelet for your little is the perfect accessory for the two of you to rock this spring!


Getting your hands on some florals, pastel prints, and some fresh blankets is a great way to change things up this spring.

Rylee & Cru Swaddle- Lush

The MilkBarn Florals (coming online soon, so call to order), Rylee & Cru swaddles, and the Little Unicorn swaddles/quilts have amazing new prints that scream spring!


Loved Baby Onesie

Keeping things light and breezy is the best way to go for spring, and these picks are going to keep your babe comfortable and cute all season long! Sticking with muted neutrals and pastels is the perfect thing for spring, and getting some fun out of the warmer weather in some cute swim suits for your spring getaways!

Loved Baby Onesie

Burt’s Bees Sweater Knit Organic Cotton Dress and Diaper Cover

Rylee & Cru Unisex Jumpsuit & swimsuits for boys or girls

Neutrals, florals and soft sweet colors are the trend for the spring season, and we are loving all the fun pieces to lighten up babe's style. Spring is the breath of fresh air after the long, cold winter months, and it's so fun to add in a few staple pieces to carry you through before the heat of summer hits.

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