3 Baby Books for the Natural Minded Mom

3 Baby Books for the Natural Minded Mom

If you're like me you most likely want the best for your child - especially when they are so little and helpless. So, many parents turn towards more natural behaviors when they have children. However, amid all of the information out there it can be difficult to know if incorporating a "natural habit" in your daily routine is worth it or not. I am definitely a "middle of the road" kind of mom when it comes to Organic or natural living. I do my best and try not to stress about the rest. When I was pregnant with my first, I did a good amount of research on all natural parenting. Today, I wanted to share with you what my favorite resources were! 

Organic Baby

Organic Baby: Simple Steps for Healthy Living

This a great book to introduce any mom or dad into the Natural world. I think the author does a great job of laying out what it most important and what is not worth your time or money. My favorite advice from this book? Buy an organic mattress (our favorite's are Lullaby Earth Mattresses). Your baby will be spending a large portion of their day in their crib, especially as a sleepy newborn. If you buy a non-organic mattress it could have picked up harmful chemicals during  manufacturing. If a company is not using organic material to put together their mattresses then they are using synthetic parts, which means there is a good chance they are using chemicals to make those synthetic parts. Even if the areas in the manufacturing process are separate, those chemicals still get into the air and get stuck in the mattress itself. Now, think of your baby breathing all of that in during their sleep. Not a fun picture. Organic Baby: Simple Steps for Healthy Living is a great overview of organic products for parents who are wanting to explore this side of baby care.

*For more information on choosing the right mattress for your crib, check out my previous post, "How to Choose the Right Mattress in 3 Easy Steps."



It's no surprise that the term "Natural Baby" is often connected to a Natural Birth Method. Ones birthing method of choice is a very personal decision and neither Natural or Assisted birth should be looked down upon. I personally delivered one of my boys naturally and one of them very assisted, and both of them had their own sweet spirit about them. There are many different methods you could use to assist you in your natural birth, HypnoBirthing is the method that I connected with the most. You could also consider The Bradley Method or HypnoBabies. Another great read is  Ina May's Guide to Childbirth where she shares her experiences as a midwife. 



This may be a more controversial book for the Natural Minded household but it is a fantastic method. The book outlines a sleeping schedule to help your little one sleep through the night. No it is not rigid or depriving but some parents do not think that it is natural to put any baby on any type of schedule. I have seen so many new moms struggling with sleep deprivation making it hard to accomplish even the simplest tasks. I think that any schedule that can help this struggle is worthwhile not just for a healthy baby but for a healthy mom as well.

There are hundreds of books to choose from to help you on your parenting journey. These are a few of my favorites and I hope that you find some value in them as well! Here at The Baby Cubby we offer lots of options for Natural Parents, including Oemi Baby Organic Pajamas, Happy Baby Wraps, Organic Ergobaby Carriers, and Aden and Anais Organic Cotton Swaddles. Come visit us at our Utah baby store or online to check them out!

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