3 Camping-with-Baby Essentials

3 Camping-with-Baby Essentials

It might be scorching hot outside, but for some reason, society has decided that one of the greatest summer activities is to go CAMPING! It's an American pass time that every kid needs to experience with their parents, but what do you do when you want to take your babies camping? Sounds terrifying, right? Not with these amazing camping essentials! Trust me, you'll never want to head for the woods without these tucked away in your trunk.

The Bumbo Seat AKA Your Portable Highchair 

The Bumbo Floor Seat is a household essential! I don't know if I have met a mom who doesn't have this permanently sitting in their living room at all times. But did you know that this is also an awesome camping essential?! It's the perfect place to sit baby while you're making a campfire or simply sitting around roasting marshmallows. The best part is you can wipe it clean from anything that might get on the Bumbo during the trip. Keep in mind though, ANY time the Bumbo is off the ground, you must keep a hand on it at ALL times. While this seat is a must-have, it's incredibly important to keep baby safe, and using this seat above the ground requires a hand to be on it no matter what! So whether you're camping or sitting at home, the Bumbo Seat is the perfect summer seat for baby!

The Nuna Sena Playard AKA The Perfect Dirt-Free Home Away from Home 

The Nuna Sena Playard is another essential that doubles as the perfect camping companion! This wonderful playard is a breeze to put up and take down, making it so convenient for traveling, and even better for camping. Tents take me long enough to put up and take down, I don't want to have to struggle with getting the baby's bed up and down. The Nuna Sena is safe with the mesh sides, and the BEST part about this playard is that it has a bug net accessory, so you can protect baby from bugs all day and all night! I wish they made playards large enough for adults to sleep in them, that would make camping just pure perfection! You can't go wrong with this great playard whether you're taking it to grandma's, or packing it up for a great weekend outdoors! *It also comes in a smaller version - the Nuna Sena Mini - which is great from birth up to 18mos and is a little more compact! **For even more information on the Nuna Sena, check out our product comparison between the Sena and the 4moms Breeze!

The Bumbleride Indie AKA Your Hiking Companion 

After packing your car with tents, coolers, roasting sticks, the playard, and the Bumbo, carrying your child to and from your camping spot is not ideal! The Bumbleride Indie is here to be your camping BEST FRIEND! I wrote a more in depth blog about the Bumbleride strollers here! If you spend time outdoors, you simply cannot live without this stroller. This bad boy takes you from nice smooth payment, to rocks, hills, and any terrain you want to throw at it... and it does it with ease! I don't care if you have to hike for a mile to your camping spot, this stroller is going to give you one smooth ride getting there! It offers an incredible amount of features, and all around will make your camping trip much simpler!

With the Bumbo, the Sena Playard, and the Indie, camping with a baby suddenly becomes so much easier! If you love camping, there's no reason you can't take your baby with you to enjoy those memories. It's incredible to get back to nature as a family, and enjoy some bonding time together! Be safe this summer, and make your life a little easier with these awesome camping essentials!

Written by Katelyn Bozada
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