3 Reasons to Use Tubby Todd (and Not Because it's All Natural)

3 Reasons to Use Tubby Todd (and Not Because it's All Natural)

Ok, so by now you have probably heard about the Tubby Todd line of baby care products. But, what is all of the hype about? And are they REALLY better than the regular stuff you we all buy at the store?

Honestly, I'm not going to get into all of the organic vs. chemical controversy that is always flying around. If you've done any amount of research you already know all about it, and we don't need to hash it out again. What I want to talk about today is longevity and usefulness. (Didn't see that one comin', did ya?)

So, here's the deal. Tubby Todd as 6 main products in their baby care line:

First, the All Over Ointment which is perfect for sore little bums.

Then, we have this Freshening Spray. Think of it as baby perfume. Basically, if you're like me and don't have time to bathe your child all the time...this might get you to go one more day. Or, you can spray it on their clothes to make them smell nice ;)

After that, we have the Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash AND Bubble Bath! Honestly, these are my two favorite products and I'll get to why in a second.

And finally, we have their lotions. The Tubby Todd Dream Cream which is basically an ultra-rich, ultra-thick body lotion (perfect for eczema) and then their regular Natural Lotion which is the best for every-day use.


Ok, so now that you know what Tubby Todd has to offer lets chat about why this line will actually end up saving you time and/or money in the long run.

1. The Hair & Body Wash goes forever

And I'm not joking about this. I NO JOKE have a Costco sized container of a certain name-brand of baby wash in my bathroom right now. And I'll tell you what - for every dime sized amount of Tubby Todd wash that I need for my 1.5 year old, I have to use at least 2-3 pumps of the other stuff...equating to my little Tubby Todd container making it almost as long as my regular baby wash.  That's a big difference! The reason I can use so little of the Tubby Todd wash is because the lather is CRAZY. Like, you basically add water and it becomes a luxurious foam soap. Not to mention it smells amazing.

2. I've Never Met a Bubble Bath Like This Before

Whatever they did to the Hair & Body Wash to make it lather like it does, they also did to the bubble bath. This time, it's pretty much a 1:4 ratio of the Tubby Todd Bubble Bath to the regular bubble bath I usually get. (Insane, right?!) And to be honest, the bubble bath is my favorite scent. It's bright, but still earthy and subtle. Perfect for your little ray of sunshine.

3. Multiple Uses!

So I'm super picky about my lotions. I hate hate hate that greasy feeling that comes with putting lotion on, so I try to avoid that at all costs. But, sometimes, those greasy lotions are the only ones that will work for your skin ailment. But - Tubby Todd isn't greasy (SCORE!) and they have those two extra special lotions: the All-Over Ointment and the Dream Cream. Now, what is the difference between these two lotions? Their ingredients which changes their uses up a bit. Check out the uses for these bad boys:

-All-Over Ointment: rough patches, cradle cap, burns, cuts, scrapes, and diaper rash. BAM.

-Dream Cream: soothes rashes, itchy spots, and rough patches (like eczema). DOUBLE BAM.

And think of all those uses in just ONE product. (and yes, those definitely warranted the word being bolded, italicized, and underlined)

More importantly, think of how many less things you'll have to add to your grocery list. Anything to get that shorter!

Ok, mama. So now you know why I love this Tubby Todd line so much. Keep in mind that all of their products are free of pretty much anything that is bad for you since they are all-natural and never tested on animals (since I'm not an all-natural mommy, these are really just bonuses for me). Trust me though - these products actually work and they last so much longer than the generic (or even big name brand) stuff that is out there on the market. Also, you're going to be supporting a pretty amazing mom. She even came out with a Tubby Todd Mama line to make sure you get supported, too ;)



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