3 Tips For Wandering Children During Vacations

3 Tips For Wandering Children During Vacations

All of you Modern Family buffs out there may remember the episode when the Dunphy's and the Pritchett's take a family trip to Disneyland. Little Lily just can't contain her excitement. To her parent's dismay, she continually bolts in all directions, making the trip extremely stressful. Eventually, one witty, quick thinking family member, decides to buy Lily a pair of Minnie Mouse's high heels from the gift shop, inhibiting the energetic toddler from running away any longer. I remember thinking what a clever (and hilarious) idea that was for the ill prepared family. Fortunately, The Baby Cubby has what you need to be prepared for wandering children during vacations (and no high heels are involved)!

Nuna Mixx Stroller with Ring Adapter

 Nuna Mixx - Bleu


A reliable, comfortable stroller can make a world of difference. If your family vacation includes a lot of walking, you will want your child to be as comfortable and content as possible. Often, days on family vacations are jam packed full of fun. Kids will get worn out or just be tired of walking. Strollers are a nice option to have when the kids need a break! They are also great for containing the little ones who have a tendency to wander. Check out our Stroller Buying Guide to find your perfect fit!

Skip Hop Tether Backpack

Zoo Safety Harness- Owl
 Skip Hop Zoo Safety Tether Backpack

Do you have a little wild one on your hands? This cute owl tether backpack is perfect for the child that insists on walking, but may have a tendency to wander. It even features adjustable straps for the smallest child. Keep your little one within arms reach, while still allowing them to have some independence on your exciting journeys! The removable tether makes it easy to convert into the perfect child size backpack when the tether is no longer needed. 

Baby Wearing

Sakura Bloom Basic Linen Ring Sling- Chestnut with Gold Rings
Sakura Bloom Basic Sling- Chestnut 
Whether you have an active baby or a toddler, baby wearing is always a wonderful option. Most wraps, slings and carriers can be adjusted to be worn across the chest, hip or worn on the back like a backpack! Keep in mind that if your vacation is somewhere warm and sunny, baby wearing can get hot, so do your research and find a carrier that is breathable! If you have any questions about baby wearing or finding the right carrier for you, check out the The Baby Cubby website and talk to a Cubby Mom who would be more than happy to help you!
PC: Katie from La Jolla Mom
Written by Lindsay Helm
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