3 Tips to Loving Your Post-Partum Body

3 Tips to Loving Your Post-Partum Body

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So my body and I have been an on-and-off relationship. It all started last year when my son was born. If we were Facebook official, we would definitely be "It's Complicated." We've had our ups and downs, our good moments and bad. Rocky. That's for sure. But in the last year I have learned a very important concept: If you want to love your body, you need to treat it like any other relationship in your life.

For those of you thinking "What is this crazy woman going on about?" please stay tuned for some insight. As mamas we all know that it's tough to love our post babe bods. Whether you delivered last month or last year, once you have a baby other things tend to take priority over getting in shape. Shocking. I know. But no matter where you are in your body relationship, we all can do a few things to create a loving, lasting bond between Woman and Bod.

Listening is key.

If we're not listening to our body, how will we know what it needs? After delivery your body needs sleep and recovery. That's why those super smart docs tell you to wait six weeks before exercising or pushing yourself too hard. We should try our best to learn our body's signals when we're hungry, tired, or thirsty. This will help us make sure we aren't over or under eating, that we're drinking enough water (I mean seriously. DRINK WATER.), and getting the right amount of sleep. Sometimes our bodies are telling us they want to get out and move! Listen to those signals by going out for a walk in the stroller you just had to have, getting to the gym, or dancing around to the Hot Dog Song (if you're not sweating, you're not doing it right).

Consistency breeds results, even with our body relationship.

If we are consistently trying our best to be active and eat right, our bodies will be more forgiving if we slip up and drive thru McDonalds for a Coke. Consistency can be hard with a little one at home, because our lives run on their schedule. We're lucky to be in a time that has so many tools to help us be consistent; apps that help us plan our meals and track our calories, and online workouts and blogs about quick things to do at home can help any busy mama. I know in our home we take advantage of our gym's childcare. Being able to drop off our son, and head upstairs to work out for an hour makes a huge difference in all of our attitudes! It is generally worth the money if you plan to go a couple times per week. For an added challenge have your son poop 5 minutes before your childcare reservation. This will add for extra calorie burning, because you'll be running into the gym like a hot mess. So charming.

Respect doesn't happen overnight, but it will come when you are treating yourself right.

Don't demean your body or your progress. Remember that you're working on a long-term relationship, and that doesn't always mean you'll have immediate results. Try your best to compliment your body. If for nothing else than the fact that you brought a life into this world and that is incredible! You deserve to feel happy in your own skin! It's also important to respect your potential. Keep your goals in mind, and do your best to reach them little-by-little every day. Expecting the best from yourself helps you to work harder to improve. Your body will thank you when you start to respect it for all it's capable of.

Loving our bodies is a process, and we all have some work to do in that relationship. It's not about being perfect (thank goodness) but it is about working towards being better. Let's all have a heart-to-heart with our bods, and start working towards loving ourselves. You go mama! For some added support, check out our Instagram account where we will always be there to give you a leg up!

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Loving Your Post Baby Body

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