30 Ways to Soothe a Fussy Newborn

30 Ways to Soothe a Fussy Newborn

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Newborns might as well be aliens for as much as new parents understand them. They build up your confidence in the hospital, while you're still in your stylish recovery robe, and then they let you take your babe home with a wave and a smile. Then you get home and realize just how much you don't know about your baby. Also, why won't they stop crying? So if you're feeling like a failure, never fear! We have all been there. Take a couple of deep breaths, and look over some of these tips to help with a fussy newborn babe.

1. Nursing or a bottle will pretty much settle the fussy baby battle every time.

When all they are trying to do during the day is eat, sleep and poop it's pretty easy to check the food off the list.

2. They absolutely love white noise!

So get that lovely static sound, beach waves, or rain on roof on the speakers. 

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3. Strip down and get skin to skin going with your newborn.

They absolutely love the contact, and being close to you will help to soothe little one.

4. Shhhhh....

But seriously making that noise right in your little ones ear can quiet their tears. Try rocking them and sh-sh-shhing until they fall asleep.

5. Swaddle. Your. Baby.

I know they look like a little immobile burrito, but they love it. When they're all wrapped up you won't have to worry about their pesky startle reflex waking them up.

6. Movement is key for our little newborns.

Rocking them is an easy way to get them to calm down and help you get some much needed Z's too. 
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7. Get a mobile for over their crib.

They will love to see the different figures circle around. Try to find one with some soft lights and music!

8. Try a warm bath with some lavender soap and some soothing lullaby on in the background.

Do your best not to fall asleep. But the water, scent, and music should help your baby to calm down enough to drift off.

9. Take shifts with your partner.

Sometimes babes tears can get overwhelming, but when you take turns trying to calm down baby they can feel a little more manageable.  

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10. Massages on their feet, hands or even their face helps soothe your babe.

My little one loved getting his face rubbed when he was a newbie.

11. Turning on the TV or even vacuuming is a good way to get fussy babies to settle down.

So turn on your favorite show and clean up the front room if your little one is crying.

12. Car rides work.

You know that one commercial (or scene in a movie/tv show/basically everywhere) of dad riding around the neighborhood with baby in the back in the dead of night? Yeah that's real. Babes love the feeling of riding in the car. So strap babe in and hit the road. 

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13. Wear all the babies!

If baby is having a hard time whenever you put him down you may want to consider carrying your little one. A ring sling, baby carrier, or wrap will be your new best friend. If you need help choosing one, check out this fun little Baby Wearing Guide.

14. Does your little one have gas?

Make sure you're giving them a chance to burp during and after eating. Take your time, cause no one likes gassy bubbles hurting babe's tummy.

15. Babies love to suck.

So if they need a little soothing between feedings consider giving them a pacifier. Pretty much every parent will have at least one of these on hand once babe shows up, so use it! 

16. You're giving me good vibrations.

Well actually you're giving them to your newborn because they love it. I was apparently kept on my parent's washing machine as a child, because I loved it. To make things a little more mainstream you could get a bassinet or swing with a vibrating option.

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17. Is babe too hot or too cold?

Get an indoor thermometer to keep track of the temperature in babe's room and adjust if needed. Between 65-75 degrees is usually a good temp for most babes.

18. Harsh lights can sometimes be hard for baby to handle.

Try switching out your lightbulbs with some soft white, and babe may end up calming right down.

19. A swing will be your best friend.

At one point as a newborn my son would only sleep in the swing. The back and forth motion is great, or you could go fancy and get one that swings them right to left, or even all four. 

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20. Does babe have a dry diaper?

If their diaper's wet or if they're getting  rash they won't stop crying until you address the issue. So make sure to check!

21. If you're nursing, I hate to tell you, but your diet could be a factor.

If you realize that your little one is extra fussy right after you eat chocolate, salsa, or even milk you may want to cut those things out and adjust where needed.

22. Is babe a little too bundled up?

A good rule of thumb for a newborn is whatever you have on your body plus one layer. Don't bundle up baby during the summer just because she's a newborn or she could get overheated.

23. Try a change of scenery to get your little one  to quiet down.

You can go for a walk in your stroller to get some fresh air and hopefully a little peace and quiet.

24. Sometimes babe can get overstimulated.

Try turning everything off, and laying down with babe in bed. Without the distractions of lights, music or the TV they may fall right to sleep.

25. If you're feeling like your frustration is getting the better of you, place baby in the crib or swing and go take a couple minutes to center yourself.

Our little ones will react to our feelings, and if we're upset they will definitely respond the same way.

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26. Toys with different sounds and textures (aka things to suck on) can really help our fussy newborns.

My son had a toy monkey with rubber hands that we took everywhere!

27. Those nails are sharp!

To cut down on the chance that babe will scratch themselves and cry themselves awake, put some little gloves on their tiny hands to protect their face and eyes.

28. If your little one is struggling to sleep by themselves for the first couple of weeks, they're not the only ones.

Try co-sleeping with your newborn to cut down on tears during the night.

29. Daddy makes a big difference.

Sometimes babes just need a squeeze from their main man to help soothe them. Try skin to skin for an extra special moment for him and babe! 

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30. Feel like you've tried everything and baby is still fussy?

Could be that you need to talk to your doctor to see if everything checks out. Could be something like acid reflux or constipation that are causing babe some discomfort, and once they get some medicine they'll be sweet little angels.

Newborns are definitely a handful, and you will absolutely feel like you're in over your head. But all of a sudden you find out what works best for your babe and it becomes your new life. Hang in there and soak up every precious second.


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