4moms High Chair and Magnetic Bowls Make Less Messes for Moms!

4moms High Chair and Magnetic Bowls Make Less Messes for Moms!

Mamas, I am so over cleaning up spilled cereal bowls. I know, I know-- our littles are learning, and getting a hang of the spoon-to-mouth thing, and sometimes they get distracted and WHOOPS! Bowl on the floor. Mess and milk and little grain circles everywhere. And one very annoyed and exasperated mama.

I mean, no matter how well you clean up spilled cereal, there WILL be a sticky milk spot there for the next 3 days. It's science.

So if you're over being the frustrated mama on her hands and knees cleaning up spills from sweet/clumsy/adorable/learning littles then you'll be so happy to learn about the 4moms high chair and magnetic bowl combo.

The 4moms high chair is just straight up well-made and makes life easier for mamas to get done the dirty work of cleaning; which, lets be honest, when it comes to high chairs is both necessary and annoying. There's a removable and adjustable magnetic tray that is thin enough to fit in the top rack of your dishwasher for pasta-night messes! This chair comes with one magnetic bowl (with a lid), which stays put for little learners.

Once you see how convenient the 4moms magnetic bowls are for feeding your babes, you'll want to get your hands on the starter set because if one bowl that won't flop onto the floor is good, then 4 bowls and a plate (plus lids and utensils) are better!

One of the reasons I love 4moms products is they are simply made to make your life easier-- their bowls stick to the high chair tray so that learning to eat for your babes is less of a mess. Their playyards are opened and closed with one push, no messing around with pulling tabs and pushing all sorts of buttons in specific order. It makes the things that mama does every day a little easier to do, and that is something that The Baby Cubby supports wholeheartedly!

So if you're looking for some amazing products for your little ones, and to make your mama life a little easier and whole lot more convenient, then go to BabyCubby.com or come see us in store to see why we love 4moms so much!

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