4moms on Sale Means More Gear for Moms!

4moms on Sale Means More Gear for Moms!

Every mom knows the feeling of fussing with one of the things you use for your babes and shaking your head in frustration asking yourself, "WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!" Well 4moms wanted to save you the stress so that the things you use every day are simplified. No more head shakes. No more frustration.

And what's better than amazingly easy-to-use baby gear that helps you get through the day? Oh that's right, amazingly easy-to-use baby gear that's ON SALE! This week, through May 11th, the Baby Cubby is offering 20% off on two of our favorite 4moms products: the mamaRoo and the Breeze Plus playard!

4moms mamaRoo - Classic Grey or Silver Plus

One of our most used baby products when our kids were tiny was the swing. There was something about the motion and the white noise that really helped our littles to settle down any time of day. But the 4moms mamaRoo takes the soothing to another level with different motions and sounds that help your little to calm down.

Not every baby is cool with the standard back and forth motion of a traditional baby swing, so the mamaRoo has solved that problem with 5 different rocking and swaying motions designed to mimic the motion of being held by mama. The speed, motions, and even the sounds can all be controlled through your phone, so you don't have to be rustling around your sleeping babe to change the settings.

Another thing that I like about the mamaRoo is that you plug it in, instead of using batteries, so you won't need to be investing in huge D batteries every month. You can also program it with your own music or sounds that are better suited to your babe to make sure they can fall asleep or calm down no matter what.

4moms Breeze Plus Playard

Here's the deal, a playard is supposed to be all about making your life easier, but putting the dang thing up is normally anything but easy. When you're taking your portable crib to your parents' house for a sleepover, to the beach to keep a sleepy babe contained, or in the guest room for an impromptu nap, struggling with putting the thing up is just not on the agenda.

The Breeze Plus is literally assembled with a push. It takes less than a second. All you have to do is push down on the big button in the center, and voila. You have a playard! All done and need to fold it up? Pull up on the handle attached to the same button, and you're done! So. Easy.

A couple of the amazing features on the Breeze Plus are the bassinet insert for your tiny babes, and the removable changing table. The changing table is so awesome because it means you won't have to search for a solid surface to change a diaper while you're at the beach because there literally will not be one. Not one. It also comes with a carrying bag for ease of travel, and all around, this playard will be perfect to grow with your little and will travel with you wherever you go!

When you're stuffing your house, car, bag, and life full of baby gear, it can be the absolute worst when it takes an army to get them to work right. Well 4moms makes your babe's everyday products easy to use and fit into your life without any extra effort. Get 20% off the mamaRoo and Breeze Plus Playard this week and get ready for some stress-free gear!

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