5 Best Baby Strollers for Summer

5 Best Baby Strollers for Summer

Summer is here and we all know what that means; hiking, carnivals, camping, swimming pools, parks and all other sorts of fun outdoor activities. Getting around with your little ones can be a hassle unless you are well equipped. To help you out we have conceived a list of the 5 Best Baby Strollers of Summer to get you around town this summer. 

Bumbleride Indie Aquamarine

#1.) The Bumbleride Indie Stroller: 

If you are a family that enjoys a wide array of activities you will probably want to consider the Bumbleride Indiealso available as a double. This stroller is the BMW of jogging strollers and is known for its all terrain capabilities. With its large air filled tires this stroller makes it easy to push while jogging and walking on sidewalks as well as rocky trails.  Featuring a deep recline and adjustable foot rest, this stroller is more suitable for small babies than other all terrain strollers because of its excellent recline. There is no need to store multiple strollers in your garage when you have an Indie since it will fill all of your stroller needs.  Cameron and his family (The Baby Cubby Founder) frequently use this stroller and they love that the seats recline almost completely flat and the canopy provides more shade than almost any other stroller.  The Bumbleride is great for all day trips to activities like theme parks.  We also love the fun and vibrant colors that are available including; Aquamarine, Fog Grey, Green Papyrus, Lotus Blue and Lotus Pink.


UPPABaby Vista 2015 Maya

#2.) The UPPABaby Vista 2015:

The UPPABaby Vista 2015 encompasses both high style and function. You will have a hard time finding a stroller with a smoother ride and when you consider how versatile it is, the Vista can't be beat. This stroller is great for first time parents because it is a stroller you can use for yours.  It grows with your family by adding a rumble seat or piggy back riding board. You don't have to sacrifice anything with this stroller except for maybe a few dollars since it sits near the top of the list for price, retailing for $819-849. However, considering the quality of the stroller as well as the included accessories it comes with like the bassinet and weather cover, the Uppababy Vista is definitely worth the investment. You are bound to find a color that suits your family since there are so many to choose from like; Jake (Black), Maya (Marigold), Pascal (Grey), Georgie (Marine Blue), Taylor (Indigo), Denny (Red), and Lindsey (Wheat).


Baby Jogger City Select Quartz

#3.) The Baby Jogger City Select:

It's a great time to invest in a Baby Jogger City Select because when you buy the stroller the second seat is FREE! ($170 Value) Why buy the City Select? This stroller is perfect for a growing family and is very affordable considering it can be the one stroller your family uses while all your kids grow up. It can be used as a single, turns into a double with the second seat and can even accommodate a third child with the addition of a glider board. With its solid construction it is super durable and will last through all stages of your child's life. Not sold yet? The City Select turns on a dime, is easy to push one handed and has a plethora of compatible accessories that can be purchased separately. Also for added convenience you can turn your stroller into travel system.  Baby Jogger also makes adapters for most major infant car seat brands. This stroller is available in two frames colors and nine fabric colors.


Valco Twin Tri Mode EX SE Raisen Waffle

#4.) The Valco Twin Tri Mode EX SE:

The Valco Twin Tri Mode EX SE stroller is the go to stroller for parents with triplets because with the added Joey Toddler Seat you can actually safely strap 3 small children into this stroller!  It easily turns this double stroller into a triple stroller without losing great maneuverability.  Gone are the days of pushing around a train as your stroller.  No obstacle is too big for the Valco Twin Tri Mode either, whether it's rough terrain or even a third child. The Tri Mode features large air-filled tires that make strolling over any terrain a breeze.  When using as a jogging stroller you can lock the front wheels, or around town let the wheels swivel to make maneuvering easy.  It's available it two colors; Raisin Waffle and Blue Opal.


Britax B Ready Stroller Red

#5.) The Britax B-Ready:

Britax has been a leading brand in the baby industry for a long time and the B-Ready is just one example of why. Like a few of our other favorites this stroller converts from a single to a double stroller!  One of the most innovative and convenient features that sets it apart is that the entire stroller can be folded with the second seat attached instead of having to remove it before folding.  This makes it easy and quick to pack up the car after a visit to the park or day at the beach.  Since it's in the Britax family you can easily convert it into a travel system with the B-Safe without any additional adapters. It is available in three colors; Black, Red and Navy  

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