5 Cute and Easy Baby Shower Games and Activites

5 Cute and Easy Baby Shower Games and Activites

Your best friend (or sister, or cousin...you get the idea) tells you "I'm having a baby!!!" Somewhere mixed in with the excitement and congratulations you exclaim that you want to throw her a baby shower. Now fast forward a few months to the day that you realize she only has three months left in her pregnancy, and the 'party planners anxiety' sets in. You then begin a frantic search for games and activities to entertain people that you have hardly (or never) even met before. I don't know about you, but in my opinion you should have fun when planning such an exciting party! In attempt to help you have more fun in your planning process,  I have rounded up five baby shower game and activity ideas that pass my three rule test: 1) all-guest friendly, 2) anti-corny, and 3) easy...for the planner and the guests!  If you're looking for more great baby shower ideas and activities or gender reveal ideas check out our Baby Cubby Pinterest page for lots more. 

Birthday Predictions

1. Baby's Birthday Predictions:

A very simple and quick "sign-in" activity. I love this print idea from 100 Layer Cake-let, it has the days running across the top and time of day down the left side. You can also make it even easier by just picking up a cute calendar! Then the mom-to-be can take it home as a souvenir to use for the rest of the year! When baby comes, you can then send a little treat of prize to whomever guessed most accurately.  

Baby Word Scramble

2. Baby Babble Scramble:

Have you ever been to a party where every single guest arrives at the exact same time? I am going to guess your answer is no. A little word scramble like the one above from Lilsugar is the perfect game to fill the differing arrival times period. There are handfuls of these to print for free on Pinterest, or whip up a fun one yourself! 

DIY Headband Station

3. Headbands for a Little Lady:

I first saw this idea at my cousin's baby shower and I absolutely loved it! Set up a table with all the necessary headband things (elastic, scissors, hot glue gun, ribbon bows or pre-made flowers, etc.) along with a little size guide. Make the guests aware of the fun little craft, and ask them to complete a headband at whichever point in the shower they please. *a helpful tip: touch base with mom-to-be before the shower. Most parents will have an idea of things they will and will not have their little girl wear on her head. For example, some like huge flowers/bows and some prefer their head accessories to be much smaller and subtle.  

 Daddy or Mommy Baby Shower Game from unoriginalmom.com

4. Was it Daddy or Mommy?

This game is a fun way to get to know more about the little bundle's parents. Many people have showers that are a mix of friends and family of both parents. Compile a list of questions for mom and dad to answer, or ask each parent for ten funny facts about them as babies and toddlers. Create a a print out like the one above (or click the picture to see {un} Original Mom's options) and make cute popsicle stick props! This does take a wee bit of preparation because you need input from mom and dad, but is still super easy!  

DIY Onesie Station

5. DIY Onesie Station:

This idea is one I would use if you are hosting the shower with one or more other people. All you need are some plain white onesies, cute prints that have been printed onto iron on transfer paper, and the necessary supplies to get that iron on transfer onto the onesie! I have done this at a shower and our mom-to-be was ecstatic to be taking home a nice stock of beautified onesies for those first few weeks. One last tip, remember that your mom-to-be is pregnant. Avoid games or activities that will make her feel uncomfortable, or that you know you wouldn't enjoy in your third trimester of pregnancy. Hopefully these five ideas are helpful, or at least will get your creative juices flowing as you plan for that baby shower! A baby is such a beautiful and big transition, so remember to make sure that your guest of honor gets all the loving and pampering she needs to help her move forward with confidence.  Don't forget we have a fantastic baby registry with lots of perks like discounts & free gifts.  You can create a registry with us online or in our Utah Baby Store
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