5 Fun Spring Break Ideas for Families

5 Fun Spring Break Ideas for Families

Sure, the groundhog said there are six more weeks of winter left, but we are not going to let the cold or gloomy weather stop us from doing something this spring break. We are definitely ready to do something fun, right? Heck ya! Not only do we all want to relax and take a break from the early morning drop-off, but we also want to make some memories with our kids and soak up these years with laughter, quality time, and family traditions! Here are five fun spring break ideas that everyone in the family will be sure to enjoy!

Don't worry, I won't be sharing ideas that will cost you thousands of dollars--these are ideas/activities that most families would be able to do for relatively little money! Believe me, these are going to be fun!

trip for spring break with family

1. Go on a Trip

This doesn't mean you need to go all the way to another country or even another state (totally okay if you want to, because they are a blast!), but you can even travel to places in your state and have a great time!

You could take a drive to a destination that is on the other side of your state, or it could be a camp site that is only a couple of hours away. You could also visit a nearby national park. Those always have a lot to see and are very neat to visit!

No matter what the location is, choose somewhere new, learn about that area and what sites to do there. Going on a trip with the whole family is sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces!

planting garden over spring break

2. Build a Little Garden

Not only can this be a fun activity for mom or dad, but it can also be a blast for your little one to create a space of their own, their own little garden. A few years ago, my son had the idea of having his own space in our backyard to have his own watermelon patch, and he has loved being in charge of it.

It's incredibly adorable and impressive to see how much they take a role in their own garden. Watch them water it, be involved with them in it, read them a book about taking care of their own garden, and watch their little eyes fill with pride in their work!

If you don't have a garden/extra space, you can have them grow something in a pot on your porch or patio (strawberry, flower, tomato, to name a few). It will still be a wonderful bonding experience you can share together!

hiking during spring break

3. Visit a New Park, Library, or Hiking Trail

I love learning about all what my community has to offer. Honestly, I am so grateful for all that my community and nearby ones have to offer! One time my oldest child and I visited all the parks that were in our city. It was a blast!

We also love visiting our local libraries because not only do they have loads of books to check out, but libraries also tend to have activities like reading groups or playgroups!

Your area is bound to have some very cool hikes or walking trails that are family friendly and are the perfect reason to go out and enjoy nature together. I love this idea because it's not only is it adventurous, but I have found it really encourages family bonding!

spring break make a kite

4. Make a Kite/Spring Crafts

With springtime comes the warm, breezy days of spring. These are perfect opportunities to learn how to make a kite! You can use this tutorial and launch your aircraft into the sky and watch it soar!

Also since kids are huge fans of crafting, check these spring-themed crafts that are sure to not only make your kids' week full of crafting fun but really enhance excitement of the season of spring!

insect kit over spring break

5. Purchase an Insect Kit

This is a great way to learn about the life cycle of certain insects. There are ladybug kits, tadpole kits, and butterfly kits. Every spring break or season I purchase a kit for the kids and they love watching them transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly, feeding them and then eventually releasing them in our garden. It's both fun and educational!

More Spring Break Family Ideas:

Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to do some fun activities and take advantage of the free to make some memories. No matter what you do, whether it's at home or outdoors, your kids will love the one-on-one time they will get you and the family!

Enjoy the break, and be sure to let us know if you used any of our ideas or what Spring Break ideas your family likes to do! 

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