5 Great Kids Activities for the Super Bowl

5 Great Kids Activities for the Super Bowl

As parents, we have all been thrown into those Super Bowl game-day adventures.  We are in charge of keeping bellies full, the TV loud, kids quiet, and everyone happy.  If your kids are like mine, they are probably asking to turn off football and switch to cartoons.  “CARTOONS, please!!!” they’ll yell.   We all know that those die-hard fans are not going to be too happy watching cartoons when they should be watching the Super Bowl.  And let’s face it, I don’t want to miss out on the hilarity that comes from Super Bowl commercial watching.

The questions is, how do you keep the kids entertained and happy during the 3+ hour NFL football game?

Have no fear… The Baby Cubby {and Pinterest} is here for the rescue!  Today we have gathered five of our favorite, fun and simple activities that YOU can prepare for your kiddos.

They are simple to finish ahead of time, easy on mom & dad, plus tons of fun for kids of all ages.


Super Bowl 2015 Bingo - All you need is a few copies of this Super Bowl 2015 Bingo Card {or create your own} and your favorite candy.  If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even buy a few king sized candy bars or toys as prizes for the winners.

Super Bowl Bingo

Super Bowl Bingo

Football Brainteaser - Kids love to use their brain and try hard things.  You’ll need 4 crayons and a small toy eraser.  Set the crayons up to form a field goal with the small toy/eraser within the goal posts.  The goal?  Move only two crayons to recreate the goal posts with the “football” outside on the outside.  Again, you can have a few prizes for whomever accomplishes the goal first.

Pin the Football - Make a large field goal on your wall using paper or painter’s tape.  Print out a bunch of medium-sized football’s attaching tape or sticky tack to the back.  Then, play just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except you want to get the football in the field goal.

Score It! Game - You’ll need popsicle sticks, glue, shredded green paper, a food storage container, tape and a paper football {here}.  Using the popsicle sticks, make a field goal and attach it to the inside of the food storage container filled with the shredded paper.  Your child will then shoot the paper football through the goal posts.  Create a goal system the works for you! A fun addition to this activity is you can have your kids decorate their own field goal sticks earlier in the week.  It would make for a great distraction for game day preparation.  And, if you have a Lego lover in your family {which you probably do}, try building the posts with Legos!  See {here}.

Dance the Touchdown -  This is easy… have everyone help make up a touchdown dance and when a touchdown is made {regardless of the team, unless dad will have a heart attack if you cheer for the opposing team} you all do your made-up, crazy dance.  This helps keeps the kids settled and paying attention to the game, while also having full permission to get out their wiggles!

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