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5 Minute At-Home Workouts to Help You Meet Your 2020 Fitness Goals!

5 Minute At-Home Workouts to Help You Meet Your 2020 Fitness Goals!

Happy New Year, mamas! 2020 is here, and that means that resolutions and setting goals are on everyone's mind! And if you're trying to set fitness goals, but aren't sure where to start, then The Baby Cubby is here to help!

We've put together a few workouts that you can do at home in 5 minutes to jump start your healthier year along with one of our fave products to help make it easier for you!

5 Minute Pilates Ab Workout

5 Minute Pilates Ab Workout from
5 Minute Pilates Ab Workout from

Use the Gathre Adult Yoga Mat

There are so many things to love about Gathre, and if you aren't already a fan of using their mats for playtime or diaper changes, then get yourself one of their yoga mats to make working out at home or the gym more comfortable and accessible. It comes with a great carrying strap, and I love that it is Gathre's easy-to-clean leather so you never have to worry about nasty sweat stains or shoe scuffs.

Gathre Adult Yoga Mat - Blanc
Gathre Adult Yoga Mat - Blanc

Low Impact Cardio Morning Workout- Workout for Beginners

Use a S'well 25 oz Bottle

Cutting down on single-use water bottles is the kind of energy we're bringing into 2020, mamas, and that is why S'well is such an amazing product. It will keep your drink cold no matter where you're working out, and it's just another way to accessorize all those overpriced leggings you had to have (am I right?!). Plus I love that the 25oz bottle will fit into standard size cupholders (like in the car or the stroller) and isn't too bulky to fit into your diaper bag while you're out running errands.

5 Minute Workout for Tank Top Arms (At Home or Gym)

Use the Fawn Design Fawny Pack (sold in store or call to order)

If you're a mama who is used to going to the gym, then you probably know all about lugging around your diaper bag from spin class to the cardio machines to the stretching mats. But if you're over carrying everything with you when you hit the gym, and just want something to hold the essentials, then the Fawn Design Fawny Pack is the perfect gym accessory for you. The Fawny Pack is the perfect size to fit all your necessities, like your phone, wallet, headphones, and your gym membership.

5 Minute Cardio Quad Burner Workout

Use Gummibands

Don't even try doing a cardio workout with your hair down mama, it's a lost cause. You need something to pull your hair up and back without ripping your hair out, and without being a pain by losing its stretch and loosening right in the middle of your workout (anyone else know that most annoying feeling of that loose bun hitting your neck during cardio?!). Gummibands are the best thing to keep you hair out of your face without hurting when you take them out, and will usually cause less creasing than the average hair elastic (which is great if you're doing mid-day workouts). They're also super cute and you can get them in a bunch of different colors! I love that they don't lose their stretch and I know for sure that my hair will stay in place once I put them in!

Gummibands Hair Cords
Gummibands Hair Cords

So if you have plans to make 2020 your fittest year yet, then start slow, get it done quick, and make sure you check out where we have all the goodies to make it as easy as possible to reach your goals! Happy New Year, mamas!

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