5 Reasons to Love the City Select Lux

5 Reasons to Love the City Select Lux


There is nothing I love more than a video that is short, sweet, and to the point! In this particular video, five of Baby Jogger's City Select Lux’s best features are briefly highlighted and I’d like to expand on those just a bit and explain more in-depth why these ‘best features’ matter!

1. Decelerating Brake

We’ve all been there: walking running down a hill trying to keep up with the heavy stroller that is taking off at its own, quicker pace. But not with this brake! Having a deceleration brake means there is more control of the stroller overall. And not to sound cheesy, but don’t we all need a little more control in our lives? Especially with unpredictable kids in the mix!

2. Modular Seats

My father-in-law is constantly teasing us about our “Cadillac” of a stroller. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons he references it to that, but I’m pretty sure the number one reason is the modular seats. I absolutely LOVE the seat position variations! The possibilities are basically endless when it comes to the seating arrangements for my children. Included in the awesomeness that are these seats, I’d also like to add that the recline is perfection. This makes options even more functional for a family like mine and families of all other shapes and sizes!

3. Ultra Compact Fold

One downside to this “Cadillac” stroller is its large size. BUT when the Lux is folded up, it really is able to get quite compact! Unlike the regular City Select, the Lux’s seats fold up BEFORE the frame folds. These seats folded in half make all the difference for the overall size of the finished fold. Plus, it’s pretty simple to fold and unfold and that’s always a plus! 

4. Bench Seat

Now, I don’t personally have the bench seat, but you can bet I’ve got my eye on it! What toddler wouldn’t love sitting on this? It’s low enough that most kids have no problem hopping on it on their own. This is the perfect seat for an older toddler or kid who no longer needs to sit in the stroller long term but would still like the occasional ride! Plus, the entire stroller can fold up with this bench seat attached so it doesn’t become a nuisance of an accessory.

5. All-Wheel Suspension

This is a really nice feature for both the rider and the pusher. The suspension on all of the wheels allows for a smoother ride overall which will add to the comfort level for kiddos. The parent pushing will appreciate the suspension on rough, rocky, or unleveled terrain because there is less work involved. The all-wheel suspension helps keep the stroller as level as possible with minimal bouncing around. This is definitely an underrated feature that makes the Lux exponentially more “high-end”.  

Check out the City Select Lux or read up on some other strollers that have the potential to be the perfect fit for you family on our Stroller Buying Guide. And don’t forget about our Love Your Stroller Guarantee!

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