5 Ways to Make Time for Your Man After Baby

5 Ways to Make Time for Your Man After Baby

For the last 5 and a half years it was just Ryan and I. Now I have this little bundle of joy that I waited the longest nine months of my life for and I was giving all my time and attention to him. To feeding him every couple of hours and changing him an average of 8 times a day, those first months I barely had time for me let alone time for my husband. However I was raised knowing that my marriage is the most important relationship in my life. My mom always spoiled my dad and my dad always spoiled my mom. They were the perfect example of a great marriage and when I asked my mom for great relationship advice she said love your husband more than your kids. Although that may sound harsh to some of you, I personally took that advice as more of an "establish your marriage as the center of your life and you might just get that "perfect" marriage." Here are 5 things that helped me not put my husband (and marriage) on the back burner.

1 - Cook for him.

Even if you don't cook buy take out! I truly believe (at least for my husband) the fastest way to my husbands heart is through his stomach! I love making dinners he will love and sitting down together and enjoying that time eating and talking (my two favorite things). It is an easy way to show him after a long day that I am thinking of him! It's just one of those small ways to let him know that you are thinking of him and helping him feel taken care of - since he's at work all day taking care of you and the babe.

2 - Watch what he wants.

It's easy! Let him pick the movie or in our case ESPN. We cuddle and watch what he finds interesting. There have been many times that he has watched that girly chick flick and now it's time to reward him with the remote! If TV isn't your thing let him pick the game, book, etc.

3 - Exercise together.

It's something we both are doing so why not do it together? I know that hitting the gym can be hard together if you have to find a baby sitter, but you could go on a walk or jog together. Get the baby in the stroller and get out there!

4 - Go to bed at the same time.

Most nights this isn't possible with our crazy schedules, but the few nights a week it works out are my favorite! We can talk about both of our days and it helps us get back on the same page. There's just something about ending your day together and winding down.

5 - Make love regularly.

This needs no explaining. There have been many studies showing how important having a healthy sex life is for your marriage, and your husband will appreciate it ;) Sex is important for so many reasons - it helps you connect on a different level and it's something that is only between you and your husband. Something that can help those of you that are struggling to find the time is to actually schedule sex. I know, it sound less than romantic but it really works. Trust me. Another thing that I always use when times are tough is to remember our wedding day and how happy we were! Marriage can be rocky but it is the best adventure that I have ever been on! With Love, Tash
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