6 Functions of Rifle Paper Co.

6 Functions of Rifle Paper Co.

Did you know that in our store in American Fork, Utah, we have products from Rifle Paper Co.? And we absolutely LOVE them! Like, major swooning all day every day. These products turn heads and get double takes by nearly every single customer. Nobody can resist the charm and originality of these items!

There is something for everyone. Every pallet, style, theme, occasion, room... yep, it's all here. Take a look at a quick overview of a few of our favorite, best-selling items from Rifle Paper Co.!

Fun accessories for diaper bags, key rings, clothing, bulletin boards, etc.!

Enamel Pin - Sunglasses
Enamel Keychain - Globe

Cards! So many cards for ANY occasion!

Welcome Little One Menagerie Animal Card
Super Mom Card

Adorable recipe boxes serve as both functional and decorative pieces for the kitchen, craft room, or any room really!

Citrus Floral Tin Recipe Box

Notepads and notebooks!

Let's Do This Notepad
3 Pack Lively Floral Notebooks

Wrapping paper for birthday parties, showers, holidays, and so on!

Roll of 3 Wrapping Sheets - Party Animals
Roll of 3 Wrapping Sheets - Spearmint Blossoms

Lovable prints for any room in the house!

Juliet Rose Bouquet Print
Vintage Mermaid Print
Animal Alphabet Chart Print

If you don't already know for yourself, you'll have to take my word for it, these are even more beautiful in person. And there are SO many more options to choose from! Call our store (801) 770- 0584 to order over the phone or stop in if you're nearby! Rifle Paper Co. is only the tip of the iceberg for what we have to offer!


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